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Top of the Blocks: July

What cool community creations topped the Marketplace charts?

Marketplace is a new way to browse, buy, download and play community content from within the game itself. That’s a first for Windows 10, mobile and console players - and it’s been rather popular, dontchaknow! Some stuff has been so popular, in fact, that it’s allowed some creators to go from making Minecraft fun in their spare time to opening their own studio. And that means even more good stuff gets made for the community.

We thought we’d dig through the stats and see which things people were most excited about last month.

You can find them all by going directly to Marketplace through this very link on your Minecraftin’ mobile device or Windows 10 machine, or click on the names individually!

But let’s start with a big picture of the number one game in July!

1. Summer Mini-Games Festival by Noxcrew

2. Fallen Keep Survival Spawn by Noxcrew

3. Dustville Survival Spawn by Noxcrew

4. Wisteria Grove by Imagiverse

5. DestructoBot 5000 by Noxcrew

6. Space Battle Simulator by QwertyuiopThePie

7. The Kingdom of Torchwall by Imagiverse

8. PureBDCraft by Sphax

9. Pet Pack by Imagiverse

10. Adventurer’s Dream Mash-Up by Noxcrew

Congrats to Noxcrew for making a whole bunch of stuff that people really like!

Marsh Davies
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Marsh Davies

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