The Wild Update is almost here

Will you venture into the deep dark?

We are counting down the days until The Wild Update lands in Minecraft! This update has a lot of different features that will appeal to different types of players so my question to you today is – are you going into the deep dark? 

The new biome is scarier than its already terrifying name implies. Only one mob spawns down there, and it’s none other than the warden. Since the warden only appears after its victim has triggered a shrieker, you can only imagine how silent the deep dark is. It’s really far underground and there aren’t any mobs running around to add any ambience. There is just silence. And darkness. And sculk. My spine is frozen solid just thinking about it. 

Now that you know what to expect, you can start planning your journey if you feel brave enough. Will you go down there to mine sculk blocks? It’s the only place to get them, and they do have an irresistible glow. Or maybe you want to see if you’re stealthy enough to sneak past the warden. Maybe you just abhor the sun. Whatever the reason, make sure you prepare properly. And don’t blame me if you happen to wake the warden. You’ve been warned! 

Sofia Dankis
Written By
Sofia Dankis