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Artwork for the Timeless Trails map. We see a large temple-like building hidden in the desert. In front of it we see cacti and sniffers on the sand. One red-haired character is pointing towards the entrance and another is riding a camel.

The Summer Celebration Sale has begun

Join new trails with the summer sale!

Aaaaaaand we’re off! The Summer Sale is officially in motion at Minecraft Marketplace, which means you get to pack more adventure into your summer for less. Whether you’re tempted to build with different blocks, take some fresh skins out for a spin, or dive headfirst into a new world or gameplay, there are 200+ sale items to help you tell your Minecraft tale in a different way.  
Every day until July 10, you can grab a new doorbuster deal at 75% off and a different Character Creator item for free. With hundreds of new trails to venture down, I know exactly which one to start with... 


By The Hive   

Timeless Trails by The Hive is inspired by Trails & Tales update and designed to turn you into an expert on all the new features. Set out to discover the long-lost village hidden in the pink sea of cherry blossoms, unearth archeological treasures in the caves, or cross the desert on camelback to hunt down the special armor trim. The trails are many and so are the sniffers, so no time to lose! Head to the Marketplace now to pick up the Timeless Trails map for free.   


Okay, so now that you’re a Trails & Tales expert, let’s get you looking the part too. Every day until July 10 you can get a different Character Creator item for free to match the 1.20 update. Rock the archeologist top as you dig up long-lost secrets, impress the newest mob with your own sniffer ears, blend in with your new base in a bamboo hoodie, or don a pair of cherry tree wings as you drift through the pinkest biome ever seen. 

This might be our final stop in the Summer Celebration, but with all these new trails to explore, the adventure is just getting started. The sale ends on July 10 so head to Minecraft Marketplace now to join the trail!


Requires the latest version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (sold separately); Summer Celebration runs 6/27/23 – 7/10/23. Limit 1 free world per person/account. Redeem free character creator items by 7/17/23. Redeem Timeless Trails by June 2024.

Linn Viberg
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Linn Viberg

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