The Marketplace Summer Celebration sale is here!

Sun, fun, and great deals 

The sun is shining. Birds are chirping. Sunglasses are getting lost. It’s no wonder that there are countless songs written about the summer. I would sing a few for you now, but thankfully our lawyers have forbidden me from doing so. Not because of copyright laws, merely for the sake of their – and your – ears. You’ll have to imagine a symphony orchestra accompanying my dulcet tones as I belt out a new tune about an event in June written for you-ne. 

It’s tiiiiiiime for the Maaaarketplaaaaace Suuuuuuummer Celebraaaaaaaaaaatiooooooon! 

Between June 29 – July 12, you will be able to find a big sale filled with items up to 33% off and two free maps* in the Minecraft Marketplace Summer Celebration

The first map is brought to you by Rasa Studios. This map is available now, and includes four headliner games, seven mini-games, six custom skins, and lots of gifts! They created a crazy carnival that just arrived at Crab Cove! It has everything you want from a classic carnival, moles that need to be whacked, balloons ready to be popped, and crabs that need to be grabbed. Grab a friend or head out on a solo mission, and don’t forget to exchange your tickets for rewards at the gift shop before you enjoy the evening fireworks show! 

The second map is created by Oreville Studios. This customized adventure will launch on July 9 and features challenges and mini-games, 100+ unique models, custom music, and animated cutscenes! One of our most treasured summer traditions is visiting a theme park. There’s just something special about screaming your lungs out under the summer sun. But alas, our beloved theme park is going to shut down forever, unless you save it! Restore the theme park to its former glory by earning tickets and repairing rides. 

We've got even more in store for you, each day will also bring a free Caves & Cliffs themed Character Creator item* and two 75% off sale items! The free persona items will only be available until July 19, so make sure you download them by then. If that doesn’t spice up your summer, I don’t know what will. Oh, maybe another song! 

Where are you going? Why are you backing away? You better be on your way to the Marketplace Summer Celebration or I’m just going to get out my megaphone and sing even louder!



* Free content subject to change.

Sofia Dankis
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Sofia Dankis