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Feature Toggles in Java Edition

Feature Toggles will be available in Minecraft: Java Edition starting with the 22w42a snapshot. These toggles allow players to opt-in to experimental, and potentially unstable, features that may not be released for some time, but are ready for early community testing and feedback. We’re adding Feature Toggles to make sure you're getting new experimental features even earlier than before in our Java snapshots and releases.

What is a Java Edition feature toggle?

When enabled, a feature toggle can expose new items, mobs, or other gameplay features that are not otherwise present in normal gameplay.

How do I enable feature toggles in my new worlds?

In Minecraft: Java Edition, feature toggles are enabled as part of a datapack. 
The game will now include some built-in datapacks enabling experimental features together with relevant recipes, advancements, etc. Content creators can also use experimental features by modifying their packs to require specific features.

Can I enable feature toggles in my existing worlds?

As these features are considered unstable and experimental, enabling feature toggles in existing worlds is not supported at this time.

How do I know if my world has feature toggles enabled?

You will see an “Experimental” qualifier in the world list when choosing a world to play.

What types of gameplay can be exposed by feature toggles?

  • Items: enabled items will appear in the Creative mode inventory; recipes and loot tables will be added to gameplay where appropriate; commands can reference enabled items

  • Blocks: commands that summon blocks will recognize enabled block ids; block items will be available for enabled blocks

  • Entities: commands that summon entities will recognize enabled entity ids; spawn eggs will be available in the Creative mode inventory for enabled entities

Disabled items, blocks, and entities will not be available in commands, inventories, or other gameplay systems.

For more technical information, please see the snapshot's changelog

How do feature toggles interact with normal snapshot features?

While we generally strive for worlds to be upgradeable from snapshot to snapshot, and eventually to major release versions, this is not true for worlds with feature toggles enabled.

A world created in a given snapshot with feature toggles enabled will have both the normal snapshot features, as well as the experimental features enabled by those toggles, but will not be upgradeable to future snapshots or releases.

When will features behind feature toggles be released?

As these features are experimental, they may change drastically or be cut entirely from future releases.

How do I enable feature toggles in a new server world?

There are several new fields in that are used during world creation. If you are a server owner, please see the technical changelog for details on these fields.

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