Overhead image created in Minecraft of a large grassy area with multiple various builds ranging from a fountain, a tropical club, basketball court, and more.

Team Build Challenge: Park/Playground

It’s summer here at the Redmond office, which means one thing! TIME TO GO TO THE PARK! Well actually, we couldn’t do that, because we were all still at work. So instead, we did the next best thing: we scheduled a Community Team build challenge brought the park to work! Or rather, to Minecraft.

As usual, the team had one hour to craft the park structure of their dreams. Involved in this challenge were Community and Social team members Liz, Matt, Joel, Lindsey, Kristina and Jeremy. There were no other rules – we were allowed to go wild! Here’s what we made:

Sometimes, amidst the hubbub of cheery parkgoers and the excitement that all the playsets and bouncy castles offer, you need to take a quiet moment and reflect at a relaxing fountain. Liz wants you to listen to the peaceful flow of water, smell the sunny flowers, and toss a coin into the water with a "splash". Just don't forget to make a wish!

When thinking of what to build around the "park" theme, Matt decided to get buzzy. Bee keeping seems like a cool thing to do and the idea of community gardens is pretty rad, so why not combine the two hobbies? This community apiary is a haven for bee lovers to come together to care for our fluttering friends as a little "thank you" for everything they do for us. There are plenty of places for the bees to live and the place comes with all the tools that one would need for gathering bottles of honey and honeycomb. At the end of a fulfilling day, kick back with friends in the garden and watch the bees fly overhead!

When it comes to parks, Joel recalled two fun things that really stuck with him from the days when he was growing up. No park is complete without a proper jungle gym with a swing, so that was the inspiration from his first build. Stomping up steps and swinging on swings at its best! The second fun thing was being able to slide down some amazing slides, and what’s more amazing than a fun rainbow slide to slide down anyways? These two fun little builds should be a staple in any park!

In keeping with her beloved club trend, Lindsey gave us jungle park club realness. Tall bamboo, vines, and exotic woods transported us to another world. Inside a giant coral reef and tropical fish can be seen floating behind the juice bar, and one might even spy a parrot or two flying around!

When Kristina thought back to summers at the park, she couldn't help but think about birthday parties, company picnics and festivals she attended as a kid. Memories of summer break and parks and running outside in the sun are so nostalgic, she decided to honor her inner child and build a bouncy castle, complete with the bright exterior and bouncy insides. Thanks, slime blocks!

Jeremy created a scenic basketball court for those that like to run the fast break or simply watch from the bleachers. Who's got next?

If it’s summer where you live, have you spent much time at a park? Or are you more the “build a park in Minecraft” type? We’re certain your park builds are much better than ours, and we’d love to see them!

You can submit your creations on Twitter using the hashtag #FeatureMeMinecraft. We may even feature our favorites in a future article! 

Kristina Horner
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Kristina Horner