A collection of Halloween Minecraft Builds

Team Build Challenge: Halloween

It’s spooky season around these parts, and what better way to celebrate than by jumping into Minecraft? That’s right, we held another team build challenge here at the (virtual) office – and this time, there were no bones about it. Everyone had to bring it, so we could determine who would be crowned the pumpkin king (or queen) of the community team. That’s a thing, right?

As usual, the team had one hour. The only rule was to build your most spooktacular Halloween build, and to light it up enough to shine at night.

Here’s what we made:

Joel gathered inspiration from fun Fall Festivals that he knew and loved growing up. Building out an entire haybale maze, he made sure there were spook-tacularly themed dead ends to find within. And what Fall festival maze would be complete without its very own pumpkin patch? You won’t have to search far as right beside the maze friends can find loads of freshly gathered jack-o-lanterns, ripe for the pickin’!

When asked to create something in celebration of Spooky Season, Lindsey understood the assignment. What a better way to celebrate than with a Haunted Dance Club? With a flaming roof that lets you know you're in for a frightfully good time, the club is decked out with cobwebs, bats, and candles. It might be tricky finding a dancing partner, though. Not too sure how many of you want to hit the dance floor with a witch, enderman, or wither skeleton!

Matt had a good, long think of what to build. After a frighteningly long time, he decided on a high-speed roller coaster ride through a cemetery. There are skulls, witches, and jack o' lanterns around every spooky turn!

Sometimes bigger can be better! New to building, Trella chose to celebrate with a large recreation of the friendly pumpkins found in Minecraft, complete with candles at the bottom to light up the night. Sometimes spooky can also be silly!

Even monsters need a place to sleep at night, so Kristina built a creepy castle to act as a fortress for any mobs in need of a bed. The castle is decorated with cobwebs and weeping vines for ambience, as well as tinted yellow glass panes for an extra bit of spooky flair. And of course what haunted castle would be complete without a perfectly manicured front yard? This one is particular sports a lovely lava pond, a netherbrick fence and two decorative enderdragon heads to welcome you home.

Liz went realistically spooky with her classic cemetery plot. A fan of detailed builds with decorative blocks, she made sure there were haunting tricks and treats around every corner. A lone wither rose rests at the crypt’s opening, three candles are lit in memory, and a skeletal surprise sits in a freshly dug grave. We’re all glad the gates to this cemetery are firmly bolted shut! Wouldn’t want any spirits escaping…  

Nea asked, what would Halloween be without carved pumpkins? That question was the inspiration for the carved pumpkin house design to give its residents a new take on the spooky festivities. Dark eye-shaped windows and a ghostly front deck await you in this eerie and cozy home!

Want to enjoy even more spooky fun in Minecraft? Don’t forget you can grab your free Character Creator Set, the Spooky Gourdian, now in Marketplace and also available in Minecraft Dungeons! Additionally, you can download the new delightfully spooky Halloween Fiends skin pack for free! But don’t wait, as you only have until November 2nd to claim them when they disappear with the ghosts of Halloween! Spooky!

How did you decorate your realm for Halloween? We’d love to see! Send us screenshots at FeatureMe@Minecraft.com.

Kristina Horner
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Kristina Horner