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Do you love Minecraft but hate reading? Then we have great news! You’re just a little bit of horrible reading away from learning all about our four recurring YouTube series on the Minecraft YouTube channel. Don’t forget to turn the subtitles off, you weird little anti-reading crusader you.

Watch our videos and you’ll meet inspiring Minecrafters, find out how to ask us anything you like, go behind the blocks of the development of Minecraft Dungeons, and learn shocking things you (probably) didn’t know about Minecraft. Think that’s a lot of content? That’s nothing. We’d have made even more great videos if we hadn’t forgotten to press ‘record’ on the camera 80% of the time.  

We’ve got big plans for even more videos in 2020. Big, secretive plans that I can’t tell you about because I’m not nearly important enough to know what they are. But in the meantime, here’s a brief guide to our ongoing series you can enjoy right now!


Ask our best/brightest/most available Mojang minds anything you like! What’s the next big update for Minecraft? What do we eat for lunch? What time is it? Does this hat make my ears look too pointy? It does, doesn’t it? Why aren’t you being honest with me about this hat? Seriously, your questions don’t have to be even close to being Minecraft-related. Ask us anything!

“Nice idea for a series, Mojang,” you’re probably saying right now, while rolling your eyes and hovering your mouse over that dreaded ‘unsubscribe’ option. “But if it doesn’t feature an awkwardly smiling Jens Bergensten in a Santa hat, then I’m just not interested.”  

Get interested! Because look at this:


All over the world, people have taken our little crafting game and achieved brilliant things with it. Beautiful, sincere achievements that are very hard for a dumb clown like myself to write about. Here’s Dr Mick Donegan, the CEO of Special Effect, a wonderful UK charity that helps gamers with disabilities (see what I mean?), talking about EyeMine, software that lets you play Minecraft with your eyes:


I recently learnt that you can mine the blocks in Minecraft, so this series is perfect for me. Discover some of our biggest design secrets, gasp at early designs of your favourite mobs, and laugh at the very, very few times we’ve accidentally introduced a bug to the game (I know! A bug in Minecraft. Unthinkable!)


We’re just a few months away from the launch of our multiplayer dungeon-crawler Minecraft Dungeons! Obviously the development team is incredibly busy repeatedly polishing the Key Golem so it’s extra cute in time for release. So naturally, we’re distracting them as much as possible, sticking our camera in their faces and politely demanding they tell us more about the development of this treasure-stuffed mob-battling action-adventure!


As well as our recurring series, we’re constantly filling our YouTube channel with all sorts of videoy goodness (like the bee release trailer below). The sooner you subscribe, the sooner you’ll stop missing out, and the sooner I can stop giving you the hard sell and go back to rewatching Dungeons Diaries in peace. Everybody wins.

Written by
Tom Stone