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Strangers Skin Pack - Out Now!

Skins from distant lands on Pocket / Win 10 today!

When minecrafters seek the furthest reaches of the world, when they plumb the very deepest depths of the ocean, when they venture into strange dimensions… they sometimes come back changed. A little odder than they were before. Sometimes more than a little. You might once have known them well, but something out there at the fringes of the world (or beyond) has turned them into… Strangers!

Releasing on Pocket Edition today is the latest in our Biome Settlers series, the Strangers skin pack, featuring a trio of ‘crafter crews, weirdly warped by the worlds they made home. Swim with the salty fish-folk from the sunless sands of the ocean floor! Marvel at the mysteriously masked inhabitants of The End! Grppch the dldlssz;zz;;; with the glitchtastic ssdmm%% denizens of the Farlands!

You can snag all these peculiar peoples - comprising 22 skins in total - for the not-so-strange sum of $1.99.

Come and meet them! They’re friendly enough - just maybe wash your hands after shaking.

Ocean Biome Settlers

Some say they were summoned beneath the waves by the strange, sultry singing of squid-maids.

Some say they stole cursed treasure from an ancient ocean monument.

Some say they worship an ancient power that lies sleeping in a deep marine city, and work secretly to awake it.

Some say they just really, really love them some clams. Mm-mmm! Clams! Clams in butter. Deep-fried clams. Clam soup. Clam jelly. Clam ice cream. Clams. CLAMS.

The End Settlers

What frightful faces lie beneath their masks? Are the people of The End hideously deformed by some barbaric ritual? Or are they simply shy?

Maybe they think it’s just none of anyone else’s business!

Personally, I’ve heard that their coverings are a clever way of avoiding the baleful stare of the endermen who populate the dimension. But then again, some of those coverings are fashioned after giant Eyes of Ender - so perhaps they’re out to provoke rather than placate.

Farland Settlers

At the very edges of the map, things bre½ak doʬn. The clever code that unspools hills and forests from each world’s seed begins to go awʁy and things get a little wəird. Lakes float in the sky. Shelves of land rise up like giant slices of layer-cake. You’re not in Kansas any more, that’$ fo,,r ssure&&.

And who could survive here, but folk as messed up as the terrain itself? Behold! A bunch of Picasso-faced freaks, with eyes for noses, noses for eyes, and, in at least one case, a dog embedded in their head. What are they about? Do they even know themselves? One person who definitely knows is our ace Minecraft artist and designer on the skin pack, Sarah Kisor:

"This was one of my absolute favorite packs to work on. What makes the Strangers pack so special is how super whacky the ideas were. Upside-down- sideways-face? Sure. Crazy three-eyed fish fella? Awesome. A living portal? Perfect. With this pack, we had the opportunity to really push the envelope creatively and do things that wouldn’t really work with other themes we had done in the past." Sarah Kisor

Look out for a larger interview, about the designs and influences for the Strangers, with Sarah next week! Unsettlingly odd though these settlers are, everyone’s a stranger until you get to know them. Maybe the only way to find out what it’s like to be them is to hop into their skin and walk around in it for a bit. As with all our skin packs, a handful of skins are available for free - so give them a try!

Marsh Davies
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Marsh Davies

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