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Story Mode S2E2 incoming!

Watch the trailer for “Giant Consequences”!

What happens when you get the attention of the biggest, oldest, most powerful person in the world? Jesse’s about to find out! Good or bad - the consequences are bound to be huge. Giant, even. Which is probably why this new episode of Story Mode is titled “Giant Consequences”. Solid work in the writers’ room there.

Story Mode is our episodic, narrative-led spin-off of Minecraft - the first season saw our heroine (or hero - you get to choose!) rise from plucky, nerdy noob, to ultimate Minecraft mega-hero, saving the world from the ravages of the Wither Storm and hopping between dimensions via the portal gateway. But fame has a flipside - being a hero brings new responsibilities - and new threats! As we found out in the first episode of season 2, someone out there has heard the name of Jesse, and wants to find out just what this so-called hero can do.

Episode 2 picks up just as the challenge arrives - in the form of a towering prismarine colossus, capable of turning Jesse’s beloved Beacontown to powder. And that’s not where the peril ends - Jesse and gang will have to prove their worth in a number of terrible trials. Will everyone make the cut or will some be found… wanting?

Maybe there’s something to be said for keeping a low profile!

Get a glimpse of Story Mode Season 2 Episode 2 with the trailer above. You’ll be able to play it on Tuesday 15th August!

Marsh Davies
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Marsh Davies

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