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Story Mode S2 Finale OUT NOW!

Decide how it all ends for Jesse and the gang today!

It's been a pretty epic journey, but Season 2 of our narrative spin-off series, Story Mode, must come to an end! What kind of end, though?

Will Jesse save her beloved Beacontown from the clutches of a mega-powered megalomaniac? Will Xara get payback for her years in the Sunshine Institute? Will Stella finally put her rivalry aside and do the right thing? Will Radar ever be cool?

All these questions and more will be answered by YOU, when you play the final episode of Season 2! As with all Telltale's games, you get to make decisions while you play that make big changes to how the story plays out. Which friends will you keep close? Which enemies will you make? Will you feed Radar to the giant Enderman?

In the final episode, all those choices you made across the season come to a head. The very lives of the characters around you depend on how you picked your way through previous episodes - so let's hope you chose wisely! Good luck - and thanks for coming along for Season 2's wild ride!

Marsh Davies
Written By
Marsh Davies

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