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Are you ready to start a new story in Minecraft? This image shows two avatars leaping through a doorway into the Ultra Cute texture pack: just one of many new stories to tell this January!

A New Chapter Begins

Tell a new story with Marketplace

Psst! Do you see that door over there? It’s huge, and I definitely didn’t craft it. I’ve been sitting here, minding my own business, tending to my farm, harvesting way too many eggs – and the door just appeared! Out of nowhere! I know that January is all about new things (least of all a whole new year) so could this door lead to… a new biome? A new world? Or perhaps something even bigger: a new adventure?

I’ll be the first to admit that I tell the same story in each of my Minecraft worlds: Peaceful wanderer spawns beside a chest (who turns the starter chest option off? I need those carrots!) and immediately looks for a meadow biome. Then I build some fences, find a wandering trader, steal borrow some leads (I’m so sorry, llamas, you don’t deserve it), and thus begins my epic task: starting another farm! My story always ends the same way, too: with me wondering if I could find a better, bigger or more flower-filled meadow biome on a brand new seed. 

I’m definitely ready for a new adventure, but where do I start? Should I hang up my hoe, or start fighting with it? Should I abandon my leashes, or swing from the trees with them?** Lucky for me, there’s a place I can visit to seek all sorts of inspiration; from roleplaying ideas to whole mini-games, because the Minecraft Marketplace is filled with content to help players like me start a brand new story. And if I still can’t decide, then I can lean on the handy content bundles in the Marketplace to inspire me, instead!

**Not technically possible, because you cannot leash trees. You can make a leap from a clifftop with your leash still around your horse, but your leash will break, and your horse will just watch you as you plummet 64 blocks to the ground. 


Content bundles to get you started!

The Marketplace is vast, you might wonder where to begin. Why not start with the two new content bundles: the Dinosaur and Skyblock packs*? Think of them like a pick-and-mix bag of themed goodies, each stuffed with skin packs, adventures, and even some Minecoins to help you try new things!

The Skyblock pack lets you explore one of the most iconic playstyles in the Marketplace: skyblock adventures! If you’ve never tried one of these maps before, it involves you standing upon a single block and doing something that feels incredibly dangerous: mining the block you’re standing on for resources! Luckily these blocks regenerate, and often they’re filled with surprises. The Skyblock Pack includes both the original Skyblock and Infinity Skyblock adventures, plus a cloud hoodie, Elytra emote, and more! 

If you prefer to keep your blocky legs on the ground, then the Dinosaur pack is a lot more lizard-filled, and comes with not one, not two, but three Dinosaur adventures! Walk amongst dinosaurs, tame them, ride them, the choice is yours! Did I mention there’s also two lizard-themed skins and some adorable dino Dressing Room items?

I love the idea of pick-and-mix sweets almost as much as the idea of embarking on a new adventure, and figured it would be selfish to keep this all to myself! That’s why me and a group of worried intrepid writers are about to shuck off the comfort blankets of our cozy farms, interior design masterpieces, Nether fights and agility maps, and each open a door into the unknown.

What journey awaits behind the door we pick? Find out each week as we dive into a new, surprise map and put our very specific skills to very different tests! Which door would you choose? And what would you find there? If you can’t wait to find out, then head to Minecraft Marketplace and take a sneak peek at the kind of content we might be diving into!  

*Requires the latest version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (sold separately).  Minecoins not compatible with Minecraft: Java Edition.  Playstation tokens issued in lieu of Minecoins on Playstation.

Sophie Austin
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Sophie Austin

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