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Six Days of STAR WARS

Discounts from a galaxy far, far away

When May the Fourth rolled around last year, I got in a lot of trouble for spending the week speaking like Yoda. This year, I’m a bit more seasoned. So, I thought I’d do a whole fortnight! My imminent demise aside, let’s take a look at what this year’s May the Fourth Celebration has in store for us, and all the discounts you can nab.

33% off Star Wars Content

Between May 2 – May 8*, you can grab a third off all the STAR WARS™* packs in the Minecraft Marketplace! Whether you want to venture into the desert biomes of your Overworld as Han Solo, wade through thick jungle vines as Luke, or build your very own version of the Mos Eisley cantina as Chewbacca, you can do it all in style.

STAR WARS Skin Packs

The STAR WARS Classic Skin Pack features a whopping fifty familiar heroes and villains from the Galactic Civil War. With that many skins to choose from, you can hop on your Realm and start re-enacting some of your favorite scenes! I think I’m going to see if my Realm buddies want to build a version of the Death Star Detention Blocks from STAR WARS: A New Hope™, so I can practice my fighting skills as a Stormtrooper. Just kidding! I don’t have any fighting skills.

Whether you want to re-enact the epic battle between Rey and Kylo Ren with a friend, or explore the badlands as Qui-Gon Jinn, there’s a skin for every fan– for the Star Wars: Rebels™ amongst you, there’s also a pack that can turn you into one of the Ghost’s crew (or their adversaries)!

STAR WARS Mash-Up Pack

If you’d rather have someone else set the stage for your favorite moments in the STAR WARS galaxy, then the STAR WARS Mash Up Pack does just that. Featuring character skins and locations from the original trilogy plus The Mandalorian™ series, you don’t need to do any building to answer this call from a galaxy far, far away! My favorite part of the Mash-Up Pack is definitely the sound effects – you haven’t lived until you’ve heard R2-D2’s whistle next to a villager’s “hmmm”!

Free Character Creator Items

If that wasn’t enough STAR WARS fun, you can also nab yourself two free Character Creator items: a very adorable Ewok mask, and a special R2-D2 Beanie! I think this is shaping up to be a very STAR WARS-filled week.

To explore discounted STAR WARS content, head to the Minecraft Marketplace!


*Requires the latest version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition (sold separately). Redeem free Ewok Mask and R2-D2 Beanie Character Creator Items by 5/9/23 at 10 AM PST; limit 1 per person. © & TM Lucasfilm Ltd

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Sophie Austin

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