Spring has sprung a sale

Discounts and free items in the Marketplace!

Ah, spring! That magical time of year when the sun comes out and I need to think of even more excuses for avoiding its warm glow. My classic go-to is not so much an excuse as an aggressive hissing each time it rises, but I’m working on a few other options. My current front-runner is “Sorry, I need to monitor the Minecraft Marketplace Spring Sale.” The Marketplace team has assured me that they’re on top of this even though it’s filled with more daily deals than ever before, but I still think they need my help. 

Between March 31 10am PST – April 7 10am PDT, the Marketplace will be flooded with great deals on lots of different content. You can find maps, skins, and textures for 33% off during the entire sale period. That is a big block of time, it’s way too much responsibility for just one team. I am obviously a crucial cog in this deal machine, who else is going to tell you that each day three items will be marked down to 75%

Obviously, someone dropped the ball because this adorable skin pack by Tetrascape is marked down with 100% for the duration of the sale. That means it’s free! What kind of a sale is that? I have to do everything myself around here, including spending the rest of the day trying on all the Spring Friends skins. There is absolutely no way that I can enjoy any of this sunshine, not today. 

Sofia Dankis
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Sofia Dankis