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Spring gift giving guide

Welcome the greenest season with Minecrafty treats!

Spring is here! How do we know that in Sweden? Well, for starters, we can see the sun again. It’s also up for more than a few hours, which is quite nice! And even though most of us will be basking in it from a window or a yard at most, it’s only fair that we celebrate with some fun gifts.

Minecart Mayhem

What’s more fitting in spring than a launcher that sends Steve through blocks in a minecart? “Weak puns are a sorry excuse for a joke”? Sorry, the answer I’m looking for is an enthusiastic “nothing!!!” and I won’t accept anything else. This toy brings the excitement of smashing through a wall of blocks without the danger of a creeper waiting on the other side. Unless you’re a risk-taker and bring in a toy creeper. The set includes the launcher, a Steve figurine, a cart, and eight different Minecraft blocks. You can also print your own rails for that genuine mineshaft atmosphere! Just download the printable PDF by clicking the button below:

Cat neck pillow

First of all, I must clarify that this is, in fact, not a neck pillow for cats; it’s an adorable cat-shaped pillow for humans – that means you! Or another human of your choice if you want to do something very unlike cats and share. While the arrival of spring entices some people to do physical activities, others (myself included) prefer a more relaxed approach to celebrating the rebirth of life. And what better way to lounge than in the warm embrace of a plush cat? It’s the next best thing after an actual cat! Not that you should try to use a real one as a neck pillow, for the sake of your cat – and your face. 

The Bee Farm

You might be thinking that this article has surely peaked, and so did I – until I saw the LEGO bee farm! How adorable are those little angry bees when they can’t actually hurt you? Well, unless you step on one, I guess. But just look at the rage in their cute little eyes! And there’s more to this farm than that: you get a beekeeper with elytra wings, a villager, a baby sheep, four friendly bees, and four angry bees. Wait a second – this might be the first bee content on to not include a bee pun! I'm really going against the hive mind here. 

The Mountain by Max Brooks

The sun is great for vitamin D and all that but it’s also a pretty sweet reading light. Just don’t forget the sunscreen! I learned that the hard way when I got way too immersed in The Mountain, Max Brooks’s sequel to The Island. While in the first book Guy learned to survive on his own, now it’s time for him to survive as part of a team. Why did Guy leave his island? Who is Summer, his new partner in survival? What in the Overworld does netherrack smell like? You can probably guess where you can find the answers.

Minecraft Dungeons Sticker Book

There are two kinds of people in the world: the ones that actually use stickers, and those who save them for that special surface that never comes along. I’m usually in the latter category, but this sticker book might just convert me. Not only do you get over 500 stickers, which leaves plenty for the collection in case I decide to cover all my electronics in them, but they're also too cute not to show off. 

Jay Franco bedding

I’m a huge fan of Minecraft bedding, although the number of Creeper designs surprises me. To each their own, but I prefer to fall asleep to peaceful thoughts of bunnies and baby sheep, not flashbacks of mining my own business only to hear a ssssSSSssSSSsSSSSSS and, well, you know the rest. Thankfully this bedding set is just what I’m looking for – all of the cutest mobs in Minecraft in one place. Sweet dreams indeed.

Whether you grab something on this list or not, make sure you take some time to safely enjoy the weather outside and get plenty of exercise! I’ll be making sure to walk my cat neck pillow at least once a day.

Cristina Anderca
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Cristina Anderca

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