Spot The Difference: Summer Edition

We’re deep in the heart of summer in the northern hemisphere, and I have to ask... have you treated yourself to a beach day yet? You deserve it! A nice picnic, a blanket on the sand, swimming in the cool refreshing water... well, if you haven’t made this happen for yourself, then I guess I’ll have to bring the beach to you.

Check out our beach scene below, created courtesy of the Minecraft Community team! Wait, why am I seeing double? Oh yeah, that’s because we made two identical beach scenes – well, not quite identical.

 Can you spot the differences between the two beaches? There are nine in total.

When you’ve found them all, maybe it’s time to hit the beach yourself! Might I suggest a beach biome in Minecraft? You’ll get a lot less sand in your shorts.

Kristina Horner
Written By
Kristina Horner