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Spires to Inspire

Darek’s baroque builds and lush landscapes

Mirror-like lakes, patchwork fields and ornate ornamental gardens - these are the idyllic settings for RezolutnyDarek’s stunning castles - often every bit as intricate as the architectural filigree on the buildings themselves!

At first glance you see just the castle, catching the eye with its tall spires ringed by a bright blue moat, but look a little harder and the astonishing detail of the world around unfolds: a ruined chapel, almost consumed by thick forest, meandering rivers, hay bails and hedgerows. It feels like a place with history and hidden splendour, begging to be explored.

The shots you see are still a work in progress, too. Finished projects include a sprawling, opulent palace, reminiscent of Versailles, and a vast gothic cathedral, surrounded by gardens concealed within a thick forest.

So what is it about these styles of architecture that attracts Darek?

“I generally like Western architecture, especially French and Italian,” he says. “I started studying this subject at the beginning of my adventure with Minecraft. I bought lots of books and became really passionate about it. It's very difficult to specify what exactly made me so fascinated with baroque. Probably the proportions, elegance, sumptuousness of detail and also history of some of the buildings.”

Some of the real life places he’s been inspired and impressed by include Venice in Italy and Chatsworth House, along with the many cathedrals dotted round England.

“I would love to go to Paris and Rome soon, and maybe Barcelona,” says Darek. “Regarding baroque favourites I must mention San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane and Chateau de Vaux-le-Vicomte.”

Remarkably for such intricately envisioned works, Darek’s creative process varies quite a lot, build-to-build.

“There are examples when I started with the building and then created the surroundings, but also the other way round,” he says. “However the idea of the building is ready first. Usually I want to set the creation in specific landscape. For example, castles are usually placed in mountain areas, surrounded by forests and lakes etc, while palaces have to be surrounded by impressive and colourful gardens and so on. I don't do any sketches or anything like that. I have a vision of all this in my head first and then just build it block by block.”

The results are both pretty incredible and incredibly pretty - and there’s much more to be found on Darek’s PlanetMinecraft page. Have a look for yourself and set your own spires dreaming!

Marsh Davies
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Marsh Davies

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