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Secrets of Manor

We talk to NotSupere about his Celtic Manor build!

Everyone plays Minecraft differently - that's kind of the beauty of it. And while many builders like to go for the wild and fantastical, lots of you are also being influenced by more realistic architecture. Earlier this year we saw Xalima from AndyisYoda, and now we have this, a large-scale Celtic Manor from NotSupere!

The size of this build can be hard to appreciate in screens - picture the size of the trees and then scale up accordingly! Plus those two Greek statues in the courtyard aren't people sized either - they're giants!

A Minecraft builder since 2011, NotSupere is now a member of Athion Build Team, and recently sought to put his own crafting abilities to the test. "It actually started as almost a challenge to myself," he explains to us of his Celtic Manor build. "Because I had never done large-scale builds. I had only done builds that looked good in-game. So I kind of challenged myself to do a large-scale build."

When NotSupere first discovered Minecraft, it was in the mean streets of Survival mode, until a friend convinced him to join his creative server. "My friend was building minimalistic modern at the time. He basically made me get on the server and I just started building and seemed to really like it. I didn't feel like going back to survival."

Fast forward a few years and NotSupere challenges himself to this, his first large-scale build. So what fresh problems did raising the scales introduce? Did he have to rethink any building techniques?

"Not really! It was actually a whole lot easier - like, I built that entire build in less than a week. I was actually extremely surprised by how easy it was. It was almost comical how easy it was to do and how much people liked it. Are they lying to me or something?"

Huh. That was not the answer we were expecting...

Now before you turn green with envy and start furiously wondering how anyone could find building an entire manor in less than a week easy, note that the project wasn't without it's challenges. "I did kinda fail on this part actually; making it proportionate," concedes NotSupere.

"It was almost comical how easy it was to do and how much people liked it."

"It looks like a very large build, but if you look at the size of the door compared to the rest of the build, it's actually a very small house - if there was an actual person that lived in there. It looks cool, but as far as actual scale, it wouldn't work. I realised that after I built it!" Always the way, eh? Still, something learnt for the next one!

But you don't have to wait to see more of NotSupere's work - you can find his previous projects on his YouTube channel here and follow him on Twitter here. Plus you'll find more great work from Athion Build Team here. Now if you'll excuse us, we're off to sit in the corner and wonder why we can't build something like this in a week. Harumph.

Renders by SphaeraTerra, NotSupere, Dorsor21 and OnlyDonut

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