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Season of Giving Sale

Minecraft Marketplace discounts instead of coal? Hey, you deserve it!

Grey skies got you down? Constant snow gone from a delightful wintry treat to an icy inconvenience? Santa not returning your phone calls? Get this holiday season back on track with the Minecraft Season of Giving Sale!  

From December 20 (hey that’s today!) to January 2 (hey that’s a whole year away! Kinda!) we’ll have big discounts on maps, skins, worlds and more in the Minecraft Marketplace (which, FYI, is called the store for PlayStation 4 players - but don’t worry, you still get the sale too!)

So what discounts are available? Personally I think that’s none of your business, but luckily for you, I’ve been outvoted, so every day there’ll be a daily doorbuster, a select piece of content reduced by 75%!


I agree! And that’s far from all. We’ll have loads of content discounted throughout the sale, PLUS a free map available today PLUS PLUS another freebie on December 25! Are we giving away so much free Minecraft Marketplace content that bankruptcy is inevitable? Guess we’ll find out in 2020!

When the sale ends on January 2, that’ll also be your last chance to get your free gifts, so make sure you check out the Minecraft Marketplace sale before that (tell your family that spending time with them this holiday will just have to wait. I’m sure they’ll understand). Keep checking the Marketplace if you want to take advantage of those daily deals, keep an eye on the Marketplace and follow us on Twitter.

Enjoy the Season of Giving Sale! And if you didn’t get me a gift this year, that’s OK. No, really, I totally get it. It’s fine.

Tom Stone
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Tom Stone

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