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Safe Harbour

Flee from the stormy sea to this enigmatic haven!

Are you lacking a mysterious venue in which to live out your nautical fantasies? Need something that blends beautiful man-made structures with the the wild ocean and ominous skies? Whether you’re simply looking for a safe berth or a surreal retreat into your subconscious, we’ve got the place for you!

Builders Vubervos and ErikJoel99 have come together to create this gorgeous creation called Aquila.

“We met when I was doing my trial for the build team Astrium,” says Vubervos. “ErikJoel99 was already part of the team and I had always really liked his build style. We’d been talking about doing a smaller collaboration ever since we met.”

This build feels like a perfect example of how to work in a small team, making the best of each member’s various abilities. In this instance, Vubervos says he and ErikJoel99 are very similar structural builders, and so they decided to divide the structural work up fairly equally. However, when it came to the details, they each took their specialty: Vubervos focused on the boats, and ErikJoel99 worked on the eagles that give Aquila its name.

They also got a little extra help from fellow Astrium builder, Pang. Vubervos says, “Pang’s an amazing builder and is always there to help us out with small details on the structure, or organics and plants. He is really good at building trees and plants, so we decided to let him build the tree so we were sure we would get the best results.”

For Vubervos, this build is particularly special. One of his very first builds was a bridge with a house on - and so it seemed fitting to return to this theme seven years later with all the ‘craftin’ skills he’d since amassed.

As well as a sprawling ocean, Aquila has an air of mystery surrounding it. Its structures are regal and intricate, but somehow aloof in their isolation. Who built this place? Why? Vubervos gives me no clues.

“The reaction and feedback from players and other builders is always amazing, and that’s what makes it so fun. People enjoy what you make and I enjoy other people’s builds as well. I think we can all learn from each other.”

So, what are you waiting for? Go and visit Aquila’s PlanetMinecraft page and absorb all that unique knowledge that Vubervos, ErikJoel99 and Pang have!

Renders by: D34D, Maaki, Mydelko, Lorenzo, Avenz

Emily Richardson
Written By
Emily Richardson

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