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Key art featuring Steve and Alex in the Overworld. To the left, there is a turtle floating in water and to the right there is an Enderman holding a grass block.
Cristina Anderca
Written By
Cristina Anderca

Recap: 15 Days of Minecraft

A birthday party to remember!

A bird's eye screenshot of the Java 10-Year Anniversary map
A screenshot of a character wearing the 15th Anniversary cape
A screenshot ofrom the 15 Year Journey map, featuring a bee-themed exhibit
A photo of a selection of keyboards and mousepads from the Minecraft x Higround collection
A screenshot of the Enderman helmet in Forza Horizon 5
A photo featuring the artists that took inspiration from Minecraft
A screenshot of the Minecraft National Park map
An image of all the free Character Creator items from 15 Days of Minecraft

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