Realms Plus: September

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Autumn is upon us, dear reader! It’s time to dust off your extra-large mug and prepare yourself to hold it with both hands as you stare into the distance and ruminate over how cozy the blanket feels over your cable-knit sweater. Or you know, just add an extra layer. You do you, but regardless of how you greet the fall season, there is plenty of new content on Realms Plus that we need to dive into. Hold on to your scarves, because here we go! 


I have been trying to make a hologram of myself for years. The convenience! My hologram would be the one attending meetings, and sitting upright at my desk, while I get to nap under the snack table. Until I crack the tech part of this plan, I can deck myself out in the holographic skins created by CanadaWebDeveloper! With 13 holographic RGB skins, including two free ones, I have a wide selection to choose from including whether I want single LED or a full spectrum pattern! 

If you’re looking for more skins, check out Rich & Famous by Waypoint StudiosDemons by Tetrascape, and Secret Agent Mobs by Dig Down Studios.


Maybe you’re one of those people who just find fortune behind every corner, owns a collection of four-leaf clovers, or at least has never had a curse placed on them. Well good for you, then maybe you don’t need all the lucky blocks that are thrown in with this mega skyblock but I’m sure you’ll enjoy them anyway! Play through these custom biomes created by Norvale alone or with your friends and remember, even if luck is on your side – anything can happen! 

For more lucky blocks, check out Shade Lucky Block by DoctorLucky Blocks: Summer by Spark Universe, or Lucky Blocks: Giant Skyblock by Pickaxe Studios.


Don’t come down to Earth just yet, because we’re going to keep soaring through the sky in these 12 new planes courtesy of Spark Universe! They come in a wide array of colors, and you can even decide if you’re a commercial or private pilot. Fly from city to city visiting local and international airports. When you land, you don’t need to worry. There will be no walking around for you, there are 11 ground and safety vehicles to ride around in! 

Can’t get enough of vehicles? Check out the rides in Modern Farming by HorizonBlocks and City Living by Noxcrew.


Pets are always a delight, but there is just something so special about hanging out with fantastical beasts that aren’t trying to eat you! Tame these dragons, phoenixes, griffins, and more as babies and watch as they grow into adults that will stick by your side through anything. They even play fetch and all have their own biome! Remember to look for the hidden fables for each one when you’re not out for a ride or teaching them a new trick. 

Want more animal fun? Look no further than Wildlife: Jungle by PixelHeadsBlock Animals by TNTgames, and Advanced Dragons by Pixelbiester.


What would you do if you found yourself in the middle of the sea with nothing but a raft, a fishing rod, and your wits? Well, you’re about to find out! Take on G2Crafted’s challenge and perform tasks with their custom crucible, sieve, mulcher, and crusher. Survive as long as you can while you build a new world from scratch. The sky is the limit for how vast your new society will be, so dream big. Or small, it’s your world! 

If you’re looking for even more survival challenges, you’ll find them in Totems by The Misfit SocietyJungle Royale by RASA Studios, and 1 Block Challenge by Cubed Creations

Phew! My mug has run dry and we haven’t even gone through all the new content that is dropping this month. You can find all of it over on the Realms Plus site, I’ll see you there as soon as I brew another bucket of tea!


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Sofia Dankis