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Realms Plus November: Heights, frights, and snowball fights!

Realms Plus: November

Heights, frights, and snowball fights!

This month’s Realms Plus additions seem to have a very specific theme: things that scare me! From heart-thumping survival maps to death-defying drops, I don’t know where to begin this month, other than with some light screaming. I’m going to keep a pillow very close and hide behind it if it all gets too much as we delve into 17 new pieces of Realms Plus content. Let’s go! 


101Droppers by Diamond Studios 

I didn’t know you could experience vertigo through a screen until I loaded up 101Droppers by Diamond Studios. In this dizzyingly imaginative map, you must take a leap of faith from some really tall ledges, and try to land safely in the water! I definitely closed my eyes and screamed during the first jump, which made finding said patch of safe water very hard to find. Navigate through 101 different levels, make a splash at the bottom, and then find the diamond block to continue. There are even some bonus levels for you to explore, as well as ten different level themes. I’ll give you extra kudos if you can do it all with both eyes open, too!

If you like heights (or adrenaline) then you’ll also want to check out Parkour Lands by Giggle Block Studios!


SkyWars by CubeCraft Games

What do I find scarier than jumping from great heights? Falling from them! Which is a very real possibility in SkyWars by CubeCraft Games, an epic adventure where you get to challenge your friends to a sky-high battle! Leap through soaring mazes, balance on single-width ledges and parkour between lofty blocks as you battle your way to victory. You can even collect points and unlock awesome cosmetics!

For more floating islands and sky-high fun this month, don’t miss One Block Lucky Block from Kubo Studios, where you get to mine the only block you’re standing on! Not scary at all.


World Builder by Blockception

After two falling soaring adventures, I’m happy to get my blocky legs back on solid ground in our next Realms Plus addition: World Builder by Blockception. This epic map lets you design and build your own city, complete with skyscrapers, vehicles, unique furniture, and more! Choose from five city plots and 200+ spawnable buildings to craft a metropolis that is uniquely yours. The only thing that scares me in this map is the amount of possibility: I might spend the entire month doing nothing but city planning! Hopefully, my Editor won’t mind. It’s work, I promise! 


Nuclear Craft - Deserted City by GoE-Craft 

After building such a bustling city, stepping into this deserted survival adventure from GoE-Craft is more than a bit unsettling. Spawn into your underground bunker and gather your courage for your first venture to the Overworld’s surface, where weeds have started growing up through the pavement and there’s an eery feeling that something isn’t quite right. Follow an imaginative, narrated story as you try and survive in this harsh new landscape, avoiding toxic hazards, traps, and mutated enemies! 

For more survival adventures this month, don’t miss Daybreak by The Misfit Society, where nightfall ushers in hordes of hostile Nether creatures…


How to live inside a Snowman? By The Craft Stars

Even if snow scares me a little (I do fall on it every year) I’ve still always wondered what it would be like to live inside a snowman, and The Craft Stars must’ve heard me! In this incredible map, you’ll spawn into to a secret village all the way up in the North Pole, populated by unique snowmen mobs! Challenge your friends to a snowball fight, don some frosty costumes, discover new skins, and choose yourself a new base! Whether you want to slip beneath the ice and set up camp in one of the sprawling, underground bases or whether you want to make a home inside one of the four enormous snowmen statues, this unique map has plenty for you to discover!

For more frosty fun this Snow-vember, don’t miss Snowball Fight by Pixelbiester!


Pastel Craft by GoE-Craft

From turning your Overworld white with snow to turning it into a pastel rainbow, this texture pack from GoE-Craft paints each block, mob, and item with a new, pastel palette! Nothing scary here friend, just take a deep breath and enjoy Minecraft repainted in different colors, and build a modern city or a retro kingdom that’s completely unique. Perfect for roleplaying, this texture pack even includes ten HD skins, so you can become a perfectly matching part of your pastel planet!

For more texture packs this month, check out Glorious Texture Pack by Giggle Block Studios, Adventure Texture Pack by Blockception, and Allegro by Pixel Squared!


Skin Packs coming this month

From pastels to neon, DJ Mobs by The Lucky Petals reimagines your favorite mobs as DJs! Rock out as an Enderman, party like a spider, mix beats like creeper, and more with 12 skins included. In the Mask Glitch skin pack from ChewMingo you can redress your avatar in awesome masks, or go back to the days of 8-bit graphics with an 8-bit Mobs skin! I can’t decide whether to be a hip zombie, a masked teen, or an 8-bit Enderman! Perhaps I’ll just spend the month rotating through them all…


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After all those heights, frights, and snowball fights, I think I’m going to unwind with ANIMALS++ by Kubo Studios – also coming to Realms Plus this month. Because sometimes you just need a sit back and fish, surrounded by adorable penguins… 

See you next month, friends!

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