Realms Plus: November

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We are in the penultimate month of 2021, which has nothing to do with the amount of Realms Plus goodness that is dropping – I just wanted you all to know that this word was in my vocabulary. Some other words I just happen to have learned are moggy, abode, templar, Elaphrosaur, equestrian, and capacious. They however, might have something to do with this month’s content! There’s only one way to find out – keep reading! 

Neko Neko by Podcrash 

My love of cats has been lovingly documented over the years, both on this very site but also in any other forum I enter. A furry feline friend is all I need in this world, and now I can dress the part thanks to the Neko Neko skin pack! There are 12 unique skins to choose from, so there is no time to waste talking about it or staring out the window at the pesky little birds that think they own the tree. That’s my tree. Just wait till I get out there.  

If you want more skin packs, check out Detective Couples by Waypoint StudiosAnime Ninjas by RareLoot, and Gamer Teens by Impulse

Millionaire Mansions 2 by Noxcrew

I usually shy away from swankier establishments, but only because I fear that I am too elegant when I roll up in my old vintage sweatpants and unwashed seasoned hoodie. Those worries are a thing of the past as this creative toolbox world is the perfect place for me to design my dream luxury home, with over 300 pieces of functional furniture and vehicles and 15 skins. From fully furnished homes to fixer-uppers to empty plots, the Overworld is my oyster! 

Keep flexing your interior design muscles with Modern Home – Roleplay by Aurrora and Chinese Garden Mash-Up by Linscraft

Dark Knights by Pixel Squared

October may be over – technically – but Halloween lives year-round in my heart, and this map confirms that I am not the only one who lives this way! These medieval skins will strike fear into the incoming hordes of zombies when you explore the dungeons in Minecraft dressed as an undead knight or a bloodcurdling berserker. I love them so much that I have started a petition to make Mojang Studios’ dress code “fantasy warrior”. Care to sign it? 

Fend off even more monsters in Monsters from the Ice by Noxcrew!

Dinosaur Age by PixelHeads

Let’s linger in the days of yore a little longer – actually, let’s go back even further. For funsies! In Dinosaur Age, we are transported to a fictional prehistoric time where we can live amongst the most noble beasts of all: dinosaurs! There are 20 dinosaurs to discover, a huge world with over five biomes, and even a storyline if you want some extra flavor while you survive in the wild. We all have a caveperson living inside us, it’s time to set yours free! 

Keep exploring new worlds with Rainforest Wildlife Explorers by Everbloom GamesModern Private Island by Voxelblocks, and Slime! by Tetrascape

Horse School by Everbloom Games

I spend most of my days horsin’ around the office so this map is absolutely perfect for me. My days of reigning it in are over, because there are over 30 horses to tame so my main issue now is which noble beast will be the first to gallop into the horizon. With five different races, a fashion show, and over 11 billion unique horse looks – there is no time to waste! Wait, 11 billion? Was that a typo? Neigh! It is correct. 

Do you want to keep hanging out in the animal kingdom? Reject all humans and embrace Furry Friends by The Hive and Wildlife: Savanna by Pixelheads

GIANT MOBS by Pickaxe Studios

Let’s be honest. Sometimes, regular sized mobs just won’t do. And in those times, teeny tiny mobs aren’t what you’re after either. Nay, right now what the world needs is GIANT MOBS, and Pickaxe Studios have delivered just that! All the animals and monsters in this epic survival are larger than life! Take a little break from marveling at the sheer enormity of all the creatures around you and customize your village base before you get back to the supersized fun! 

For more amazing aesthetics, explore Wanderlust by Pathway Studios and Space Station Textures by Owls Cubed.      


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Sofia Dankis