Realms Plus: March

Tiny creepers, teethy new mobs & more!

Spring is on the way in our chilly northern hemisphere (for those that’ve been sunbathing these past months, welcome to autumn, friends!) But a new month can only mean one thing: new content is coming to Realms Plus! Which means new worlds to dive into, new skins to try on – and more!


Speed Bridge Challenge by GoE-Craft

Some people drink coffee to perk themselves up in the mornings. Me? I like to build bridges from great heights under pressure, preferably with a zombie or two chasing me! Okay, that’s not technically true, but in Speed Bridge Challenge by GoE-Craft you can improve your building skills and test your wits as you go through 20 different levels of difficulty. Craft bridges, battle foes, and challenge your friends to a spot of ruthless friendly PvP in this adrenaline-pumping adventure map.

If that’s not enough of a pick-me-up, then why not try your hand flying through the sky in Hoverboards by King Cube, cruising the waves in Deluxe Furniture: Superyacht by Blockception, or driving your own creation in Build Your Truck by Pathway Studios!


Infinity Skyblock by Jigarbov Productions

Yesterday I accidentally tested the new Overworld height in my Survival file by taking a tumble off my clifftop swimming pool, and it hurt. If only I’d had a sky island to come to my rescue! Preferably hundreds of them, all connected, that spawn infinitely and generate awesome new stuff constantly. That’s Infinity Skyblock by Jigabov Productions, an adventure-filled survival map that always has something new waiting for you around the corner (or, more accurately, on the next skyblock). Gather your friends (or just your courage if you want to play solo) and embark on a mission through the clouds to collect Infinity Crystals!  

For more sky maps and packs this month, check out Skyblock - 5 Dimensions by SNDBX, Skyblock Block Planets by inPixel, or Lucky Skyblock Isekai Forest by Waypoint Studios!  


DINOSAURS by Everbloom Games

If you want to be a bit higher than a horse and a bit lower than literal sky islands, then perhaps Everbloom Games has the perfect map for you! In DINOSAURS you can ride brontosauruses (the ones with the long necks), stegosauruses (the ones with the pointy backs), tyrannosauruses (the ones with all the teeth), and many more! Befriend, observe, and breed these prehistoric creatures as you meet over 30 extinct species and learn their habitats, their quirks, and whether they’ll win in a race against a flightless dodo. Yes, you can ride the dodo around the Overworld. Yes, that’s how I spent six hours of my evening. No, I do not have any regrets.

For more expansive worlds this month, check out: Rocky Island Resort by Impulse and Land's End by Blockworks!


Unicorn Princess by 4KS Studios

I spend 99% of my time in the Overworld finding and taming wild horses to add to my ever-growing ranch, so needless to say I am very excited to add some sparkly additions to the family this month! In Unicorn Princess by 4KS Studios the unicorns fly. They come in different colors, and most importantly, they have glimmering rainbow manes! I don’t know how they’ll fare speed-wise next to my carefully bred racehorses (what do you mean putting all my gold into carrots isn’t a great business plan?) but I’ll be sure to update you next month!

For more fantastic farm additions, don’t miss Arctic Animals by Team Vaeron (because every medieval castle needs a woolly mammoth or three in the backyard!) or the zombie ponies and immortal hounds in The Wart Hogging by Scai Quest!


Cottage Core by CubeCraft Games

Speaking of farming, while diamond armor is both practical and shiny (my two requirements when it comes to clothes); this month you can also sport a comfier vibe thanks to the Cottage Core skin pack set from CubeCraft Games! Stick on a pair of dungarees, emblazon an apple on your tee, or use mushrooms as the inspiration for your entire outfit in this homey collection of eight different skins!

Other cute skin packs included in this month’s Realms Plus update include: Neko Cuties by NovaEGG and Minty Teens by NovaEGG!


Vampire Raid by Shapescape

As a predominantly Creative mode player, nightfall in Survival mode usually involves me digging a quick hole, holding a torch, and shivering at the cackles coming from the other side of the dirt. But even if you’re the kind of player who strides into the shadows, be warned! In Vampire Raid by Shapescape, something new is waiting for you in the Bloodstone Keep, and they’re not happy that you’re there. This story-driven adventure will see you battling red-eyed foes, exploring a huge map, and puzzling out your path through the castle all to rescue someone very special to you.

For more story-filled fun this month, why not check out: Heist: Royal Mint by Diveblocks, Camo Hide & Seek by Cubed Creations and Nether Monster Hunter by Everbloom Games. Or max out your luck with Craftable Lucky Block by The Craft Stars and Lucky Pots by Scai Quest!


Mobs Are Tiny by Ninja Block

If you think creepers aren’t cute, then Ninja Block are here to convince you otherwise. In Mobs Are Tiny, creepers explode with more of a pop than a boom, cows are the size of rabbits, and jousting competitions look hilarious! This incredible world turns you into a giant and makes foxes look double adorable (a feat I didn’t even know was possible). 

For more maps that’ll change the look of your Overworld, don’t miss these texture packs: Simply Cubed by Pixel Squared, Kawaii Anime by Giggle Block Studios, Stone Age Texture Pack by Polymaps, and Nekotron Texture Pack by Giggle Block Studios.


Animatronics by Razzleberries

What’s the opposite of making scary things cute? Making cute things scary of course! If you’ve never had a nightmare about bears then get ready my friend, because these red-eyed skins will linger in your imagination and make you look awesome. Animatronics by Razzleberries features 13 skins (a decisively spooky number) and is an excellent chance to show your friends how much you care. Scare them silly or by protect them from the many-teethed, glowing-eyed animatronics. The choice is yours!

For more awesome skins, don’t miss Gamer Mobs by Entity Builds or Element Masters by UnderBlocks Studios! And for more frightful fun, you’ll want to check out Haunted Park by Everbloom Games, Extreme Survival: Cube Planets by Razzleberries, and Lucky Block Dungeon by Everbloom Games!


Egyptian Raid Spawn by Giggle Block Studios

Did you know that the ancient pyramids in Egypt are made from blocks? Now I’m not saying they were inspired by Minecraft (that would be a bold and factually incorrect claim, unless the Pharaohs time travelled) but their overall blockiness does mean they look particularly glorious in the Overworld! In Egyptian Raid by Giggle Block Studios you’ll explore crumbling ruins, discover forbidden treasure, stumble into secret rooms, and face ancient enemies. There are also some awesome skins included to take your role-playing abilities to new levels! 

For more awe-inspiring landscapes, check out Lucky Block Castle by Ninja Block, Steampunk City by MrAniman2, Airport City by Waypoint Studios or the delicious sounding Food City by Everbloom Games!



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Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to build a woolly mammoth/dinosaur/unicorn/zombie-pony extension to my already-overfull ranch while wearing my cute new in-game dungarees. See you in roughly 672 hours!

Sophie Austin
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Sophie Austin