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Realms Plus: March

The latest maps, skins, and adventures from the Minecraft Marketplace!

We have reached that time of year where we’re between seasons. Is it winter? Is it spring? All we know is that it’s March, which means that there are new picks from the Minecraft Marketplace and the sun may be out but that doesn’t mean it won’t snow. 

Ender Spirits by Blocklab Studios

I have never been to the End myself since I am a creature of comfort who does not like change or endings. What I do like, however, is goth outfits, glowing shades of purple, and scaring my friends. This skin pack from Blocklab Studios checks all those boxes, and all six hand-crafted skins are even in HD so you can show off your new Ender Spirit outfit in all its glory! I might have to consider my stance on the End if I can pull myself away from the mirror long enough. 

Ultimate Secret Base by Dodo Studios 

Do you like secrets? Want to keep things for yourself? Maybe you just like being below ground. If you find any of these things appealing, you can explore your very own Ultimate Secret Base. How secret is it? Well, it has a safe with a secret code which is the ultimate storage solution for both secrecy and safety. It also has automatic food farms, a Nether portal, and Redstone activated storage rooms to make your underground experience as smooth as possible. You can even throw a super-secret multiplayer party with a disco carpet and cinema room with a popcorn maker! But maybe check that your invites aren’t too secretive, or you’ll end up with one of my patented Friday nights (dancing on your own). 

ruF Textures by Double DJ Studios 

Sometimes you just want to freshen up your look without making any drastic changes. Have I learned this lesson the hard way? Obviously! Hopefully Furminator was spared the dramatic hair cut choices I made in the past and just intuitively knew how much to alter in this brand new texture pack! It doesn’t stray too much from Vanilla, so you can enjoy familiar but fresh mobs, items, and blocks as well as eight new skins!    

Haunted Temple by The Craft Stars 

Don’t you just hate it when undead hostiles emerge from lava-infested swamps and take over your ancient temple? Huh? That’s not a common issue? Well, it is in this specific map! This temple used to be the richest building in this vast desert kingdom, so you know there’s got to be some hidden treasure to be found. But you’re going to have to fend off those pesky hostile creatures first so you can reclaim the temple!

Dragon Onesies by Waypoint Studios 

In my personal opinion, which carries more clout than it should, a onesie is the perfect outfit. You know that top matches the bottom because it’s already stuck together and very few of them have waistbands, the bane of the fashion world. Now the fine people at Waypoint Studios have taken this wonderful garment and elevated it beyond my wildest dreams – they dragon-ed them! Yes, this joyous occasion called for a brand-new verb. There is only one warning to heed when you don your dragon onesie – you might be mistaken for hostile while you hunt for treasure!  


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Sofia Dankis