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Realms Plus January featuring Overpowered Bows, Too Much TNT, and the Backrooms Party Time. Subscribe for a 30-day trial!

Realms Plus: January 2024

New year, new shenanigans!

We’ve officially crossed over to 2024! To prepare for this moment, I’ve spent most of the past month trying to locate the number 4 on my keyboard. It’s suspiciously close to number 3, if you ask me... 

But the change in numbers isn’t the only thing new for this year! Realms Plus has also added 24 new pieces of content for January. Wait a second... 2024... 24 pieces of content... The mystery runs deeper than I thought! So whether you want to kickstart this year by getting a full RGB makeover, building that treehouse you’ve always dreamed of, or give teleportation a whirl – proceed at your own risk! The possibilities are many, but so are the traps...


New year, new look!

Free Character Creator Items

Let’s start this year fresh with a new outfit! A total of six Character Creator items, which together create an exact replica of what I wore on New Year’s Eve. Hmmm... I wonder how they got that? More surprises, but that’s 2024 for you! And remember, once claimed you get to keep these pieces forever. 


I can hear many gamers starting to tear up. Yes, our dream has come true – there are finally skins to match our RGB keyboards! They are bright, colorful, and come in lots of different patterns. With these on, I’ll be in such a good mood that not even a creeper ambush can put me down!


Other skin packs if you want to...

...explore your deep and dark side (Dark Depth Mobs) 

...go all out pink (Perfect Pink)

...become a hacker (Gamer Hacker Mobs) 

...scare your friends (Dark Voids)

...hit up the beach (Beach Style HD Skin Pack) a chicken!! (Chicken)




Not ready for 2024 yet? Let’s rewind a bit. Oops! Must have hit that button a bit too hard because we’re now a few million years back in time... :O The good news is there are dinosaurs here! And blue chickens! And saber-toothed mobs! Join scientists on their research missions and explore a lost world full of colorful creatures and prehistoric mysteries.


Since you’ve just proved to be an expert time traveler, let’s see how you tackle teleportation! And you better get good at it quickly because something’s coming for you and not in a friendly way... Collect keys on each level as you try to find a way to escape. Throw in some jump scares, creepy sounds, and rips through reality and you have a way to kickstart your adrenaline as well as this year! 


I am fairly confident tree houses are completely made up. I’ve never seen one IRL or heard of anybody who has one and yet, it’s been at the top of my wish list for my entire life. So now I’m taking matters into my own hands! In this map by Dodo Studios, you don’t get a rackety little shed – this is the most amazing tree house ever. Spanning over several floors, this base is filled with hidden contraptions, rotating wardrobes, and cool gadgets. The perfect place for an epic hide-and-seek challenge with friends or a cozy hideout watching the thunder outside. 


For those who want to enter 2024 with a big bang! This map has 32 new TNTs and a mob-filled Western town waiting to be taken down. Experiment with new explosive combinations to take your booms to the next level. 


Bow down, zombies! I have 25 new bows and I’m not afraid to use them. From exploding arrows to a diamond sword launcher, this time I'll take on whatever comes at me. You've been warned PvP enemies!


Other ways to start your year:

Seems like 2024 is off to a great start!


If you want to get your hands on all this content and more, subscribe to Realms Plus via your Minecrafting device! A Realms Plus subscription lets you play with up to ten friends on your own personal server and enjoy over 150 pieces of Minecraft Marketplace content – including adventures, skin packs, worlds, mini-games, and much more. Not enough? We update it regularly, adding new content to the line-up every month. Since the catalog is always refreshing, some pieces will be moving out. But don’t worry! An in-game counter will let you know ahead of time, so nothing catches you off guard. Visit the Realms Plus site for more information on how you can join the fun!

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