Realms Plus: January

Mutants, mansions & more arrive this month!

It’s a new day, a new month, even a new year! I’m wearing my new socks (why yes they do have creepers on them), writing with my new pen, and getting ready to shout about the 27 new pieces of content coming to Realms Plus this January! So, sit down, hover those hands over your keyboard and get ready, because we’re going to be building, battling, and fiercely defending our beds this month (seriously). 


Rebuild by CubeCraft Games

If your idea of a good day is grabbing a blanket and seeing how long you can stay in one place then I have exciting news for you, friend! This month there are more base-building worlds coming to Realms Plus than ever before* which gives you the only reason you need to cozy up and get creative! In Rebuild by CubeCraft Games you get to put your memory and your crafting wiles to the test. With 200 building challenges and the chance to rebuild space (you bet that’s as cool as it sounds!) you can play through seven epic levels and unlock special builds.  

If that’s not enough to satisfy your crafting craving, then why not build your base in a tree (or even a volcano!) in CRAFTING HOUSES! by Chunklabs, make your base into a pirate ship in Pirates by Mine-North, turn dirt blocks into mansions in Houses Survival by Hourglass Studios and Hacker Mansion by GoE-Craft, or craft your base in all the colors of the rainbow in Rainbow Base by BLOCKLAB Studios!  

*Disclaimer: I have not actually counted these because I am a writer and numbers scare me.


Pumpkin Heads by 57Digital

We've all felt the call of the pumpkin hat at some point. Some of us in the game, some of us in real life, but with this new skin pack from 57Digital you can wear your expressive pumpkin safe in the knowledge it will definitely, definitely come off! Yes there’s a story there, no I’m not telling you yet. My dignity is still recovering.

If that’s not enough of a gift for you, then why not try your luck at Skyblock Lucky Block by Blocky? Take your world to new heights and mine mystery blocks to reveal rewards! Or mobs. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Ultimate Dragons by Gamemode One

When I was little, I used to dream I could fly (I also used to dream that my blue carpet hid crocodiles, but let’s not get into that). If you’ve also wondered what it’d be like to soar through the sky on the back of a dragon, then you’re in luck! Collect and tame adorable (and dangerous) dragons, master aerial combat, and explore a rich world full of quests, legendary bosses, and more in this immersive world from Gamemode One. For more marvelous mobs this month, discover 20+ new cave mobs (including dinosaurs!) in Epic Caves by Imagiverse or let your dreams run wild in Space Gamers by CanadaWebDeveloper, Dragon Warriors by Hourglass Studios, or Fairies and Mermaids by Entity Builds!


Survival+ by Shapescape

Have you ever looked at a skeleton and thought, "I wish those were harder to defeat?" If your answer is yes then a) what’s your secret? And b) January must be your lucky month because Shapescape are bringing Survival+ to your screen! Explore a jungle dungeon and decipher its clues to unlock unique ores and new foes. Battle mummies (not the British kind), demon skeletons, and more – and fight your way to glory! You’ll also get a metaphorical badge of honor from me, for battling foes I can’t defeat dare not fight!

If that’s not enough adrenaline-fueled fun for you, then defend your bed (and lead your team to victory) in BED WARS by Pickaxe Studios, become a legendary warrior by defeating Advanced Creepers by Enchanted or wear your powers on your sleeves (literally) in the Teens! Elementals HD skin pack by Pixel Squared!


Mutant World by Everbloom Games

If you want to add even more "AHHH" to your January, then Mutant World by Everbloom Games is sure to deliver. The mobs are mutating, and it’s up to you to collect ingredients to cure them! Battle pink-faced creepers, headless skeletons, four-legged zombies, and your own phobias (or is it just me terrified of spiders?) as you traverse the Overworld in this thrilling new adventure map. And for even more exploration, discover a whole new world in AKATSUKI Samurai Dominion by Impress! or get bitten by treasure (seriously) in Advanced Lucky Chests by inPixel!


Dr. Quark's Mob Laboratory by Polymaps

If the thought of mutant mobs has you throwing your head back and cackling with glee, then put down that vial and step into Dr. Quark's Mob Laboratory by Polymaps! Discover a whole host of mutated mobs that Dr. Quark has not only made, but accidentally released into the Overworld. Track down rare mobs (like the golden goose!) and more importantly, survive in a world where all new mobs mean all-new challenges. If you enjoy flexing your courage, then you can also put yourself to the test and uncover hidden worlds in Ancient Secrets of Sabiru by Pathway Studios. You can even roleplay as a thief, a knight, a llama collector, and more with The One skinpack from Waypoint Studios!


Mobs! Otherworlds HD by Pixel Squared

If all that talk of battling bosses and traversing terrain has you exhausted, then perhaps it’s time to pop your feet up before your next adventure and join me on my much more relaxing quest: picking a new skin! Whether you consider yourself more of a ghast than a phantom, or whether you simply think zombified piglins are cute (I can’t be the only one, can I?) now you can look the part as you battle your way through the Nether with the Mobs! Otherworlds HD by Pixel Squared skin pack! Because shulker-chique is so in this season. 

More skins this month include: Animal Hoodies skin pack from Waypoint Studios, and you can get a realistic closet filled with clothes in Lucy's Lookbook by CubeCraft Games, or try out new textures with the CreatorPack from CreatorLabs!


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Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some courage to find and an advanced creeper to vanquish!

Sophie Austin
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Sophie Austin