Realms Plus: December

Scary snowmen & more this month on Realms Plus!

Did you know there are thirty-six days to a month? No? That’s because it’s not true, there are only 31 days in December, but what IS true is that there are 36 pieces of new content coming to Realms Plus! Which, if I’ve counted correctly, means that’s more than one piece of content per day! (There’s probably a reason why I’m sat here writing, and not somewhere else doing numbers.)

From terrifying snowman skins to fireball-breathing foxes, sticky slime to your very own streaming simulation, a galaxy of choice awaits your imagination in this month’s Realms Plus content. So even if December isn’t cold where you are, grab a blanket, sweat cozy up, and get ready to get excited because 22 new worlds, eight new skin packs, four new texture packs, and one awesome new mash-up are dropping today.

Boundless Skyblock by Cynosia


Sometimes as a child I’d look up at the sky and wonder what lived behind the clouds. Most of the time the answer was a seagull, waiting to steal my chips, but what if there’d been magical, mystical sky-islands instead? That’s what you get to explore in Cynosia’s dazzling skyblock realm! Soar through the skies on colourful griffins, embark on awesome quests, and vanquish bosses in this world pack, included in Realms Plus this December. If you want more sky blocks, you can also try Skyblock Bottles by 4KS Studios!

World of Magic by Cyclone

If you’ve ever dreamed of being enrolled in a wizard school (and honestly, who hasn’t) then you’ll be happy to know that your invitation has arrived! In this incredible new map from Cyclone you get to collect spells, tame mythical pets beasts and face six monstrous bosses. If you want even more adventure (or even more pets), why not tame your own dragon in Dragon’s Lair by Waypoint Studios, or build your own Ancient Greek Empire in Greek Odyssey by Norvale!

Barnyard Battle Arena by Jigarbov Productions

Have you ever wondered what would happen if those adorable pigs, cows, chickens, or wolves you find in the Overworld started to team up and fight back? The awesome people at Jigarbov Productions have created a world in which barnyard animals don’t just fight, they win. (Or at least they did against me.) Equip your armour, grab your sword, and get ready to showdown against sheep, rabbits, mooshrooms, and more! Other awesome critter-related worlds included with Realms Plus this month are: Dragonfire: Bedrock Edition by Spectral StudiosDinosaur Expansion by CycloneFarm Life by Mine-NorthOcean Wildlife Explorers by Everbloom Games, and Underwater Base by Octovon.

Everything Slime! by InPvP

If (like me) you strongly believe there’s no such thing as too much slime, then you’re in for a treat, because in Everything Slime! you guessed it: everything is slime. Including you! Choose from 40+ colorful slime skins, equip your sword (or a sapling, or frankly, whatever you can find) and explore a world filled with and ruled by slimes! For more inspiration this month, why not try Pirate Palace by Diluvian, test your bearings with Find the Button: Mazes by 4KS Studios, or get your party on with Party Shuffle by Waypoint Studios!

Streamer Simulator by Razzleberries

Throw your Minecraft Realm into the twenty-second century, build your audience, and upgrade your streaming set-up in this awesome world from Razzleberries. I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be a popular streamer, but I don’t think people would want to watch me re-building the same house in a slightly different shade of terracotta all day. Lucky for us both, I can now pretend to be an incredibly popular streamer, and so can you!

If the idea of modernizing your realm sounds like a cool December project, why not try these worlds? CARS! by LinscraftMotorcycle City by Kubo Studios or Extreme Survival:Battleship by The Craft Stars! More into-the-future skins include: Infinity Armor by Tetrascape and Nebula HD by LinsCraft..

Snow Globe by Pixelusion

Since moving to Sweden I would consider myself an expert on winter (specifically falling over on ice) but even I didn’t realize that a whole world could exist inside a snow-globe. Now you and your friends get to explore it (and fight what lies beneath it) this December in Snow Globe by Pixelusion! Also new and wintery are: Santa Claus’s Factory by RareLootWinter Paradise by Maca DesignsChristmas Sweaters by Podcrash and Christmas Mobs from GoE-Craft

Snowman Horror by GoE-Craft

Add some OH-NO to your snowman this holiday season with the Snowman Horror Skin Pack from GoE-Craft! Because why shouldn’t something cold and dripping with netherite-black eyes and a curling carrot for a nose be a bit spooky? Other scary additions to Realms Plus include SCP Monsters Skin Pack by RareLoot. I, for one, will be roaming around with a colorful nose and red eyes for the holiday season, much like I do in real life (I have allergies, OK?)

ANIMAL Plushies by Pickaxe Studios

If you prefer the holiday season to feel cozier, then why not become the most cuddlable block since the introduction of mooshrooms? ANIMAL Plushies by Pickaxe Studios includes multiple animal skins, meaning you can finally become the koala you’ve always wanted to be. Continue the squishy vibes with Spring Animals skin pack from Podcrash or the Soft Bits Texture Pack by Square Dreams! Other texture packs included this month are: The Milky Way Texture Pack by Giggle Block StudiosSCP Modern Base Textures by Owls Cubed and Mizuno Craft by CubeCraft Games. There’s also a PvP Essentials Mash Up by Project Moonboot you do not want to miss.


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