Realms Plus: August 2022

Realms Plus: August

Enormous bases, snazzy skins and more!

Welcome to August, friends! I found out yesterday that August includes both National Relaxation Day and National Potato Day, which I am taking as a sign that the universe wants me to relax on my couch and eat salted chips as I delve into this month’s Realms Plus drop. That’s right, 33 new pieces of content are coming to a screen near you, so join me and let’s discover what August will have in store (in the most reclined way possible!)


Cruise Ship Boat by Pickaxe Studios

Where better to relax than on a boat? Unfortunately I recently discovered that I get quite sea-sick, but lucky for us all this boat ride can be taken from the comfort of your own home. Grab your friends and get ready to explore Cruise Ship Boat by Pickaxe Studios because this huge ship is your new base, and there’s a lot to discover! Nab jet-skis for mini excursions, relax in the hot-tub and swimming pool, or find some quiet time in the indoor library. As you explore all the boat’s nooks and crannies you might even stumble upon a hostile guest or two…

For more bases to call your own this month, don’t miss Anime Mash-up by Everbloom Games, which turns your Overworld into familiar scenes from popular animes, and Police Underground Base by GoE-Craft, for all budding below-ground detectives!


Modern Mansion Roleplay by Podcrash

Once we’ve gotten rid of our sea legs, the Relaxation Express’ next stop is Modern Mansion Roleplay by Podcrash! Whether you want to live out your dream of having a beach-front mansion, or whether you want the swankiest spawn point for your next Survival world, this map has got you covered. Will living in such a beautiful base make me better at Survival mode? I hope so! Featuring twelve unique furniture models, you can even redecorate once you arrive and make the mansion your own! All the more reason to make sure those pesky creepers don’t explode your hard work.

For more magnificent mansions this month, check out Millionaire Modern Mansion by Waypoint Studios and Redstone Mansion by Vertexcubed!


Pink Demons HD and Meme Pack

Once you’ve had your fill of roleplaying as a millionaire, why not leap into your Overworld dressed head to toe in pink? Sure, Valentine’s Day might be in February but that doesn’t mean you can’t be Cupid all year round in this vibrant skin pack from Cupcake Brianna! If that’s not your style, then can also roleplay as the leader of a new generation, or prank your Realms friends with Meme Pack from Glowfischdesigns. Other skin packs landing this month for your roleplaying enjoyment include Meme Me! by House of How, Fashion Teens by DogHouse and Advanced Camo by MobBlocks!


City Living 2 by Noxcrew

If all this roleplaying has you itching find a new career, earn some money and maybe buy a flashy car or a furry pet, then you’ll be pleased to hear our next stop is City Living 2 by Noxcrew! From fires to extinguish, to customers to serve, to bowling competitions to win, and pizzas to eat, the question is not what can you do in this massive map, but what can’t you? Take on a career to earn cash, try your hands at mini-games and build your future in a city filled with blocky new friends. You can even spend your hard-earned money on one of 1500+ furniture items for your new home or get yourself a blocky sportscar!

For more urban worlds, check out Steampunk Inventors by Syclone Studios, an epic story where you’ll have to work smarter, not harder to recover important blueprints for an eccentric inventor.


Parkour Sky Islands by 4KS Studios

Next up we’re headed to a Sky Island, which sounds very relaxing. Of course I signed us all up before realizing you have to parkour your way between each floating block, and as you progress higher and higher into the sky the levels become more and more difficult. Relaxation, with a new high-stakes, adrenaline-filled twist! Compete against your friends (or yourself) and test your parkour skills as you gracefully leap (or in my case, ungracefully plummet) between sky blocks in this soaring adventure.

For more sky-high maps this month, don’t miss Skyblock by Waypoint Studios and Massive Skyblock by Chunklabs! If it’s heart-thumping challenges you’re after, then be sure to check out World of Lucky Block by Ninja Block, Find the Button by GoE-Craft and Escape the Horror House by PixelOneUp!


Monsters ++ by Spark Universe

Oh, who are we kidding? The Relaxation Express has turned into a heart-thumping adventure ride, and I am all aboard! Our next stop is a scary Survival map that makes me wish I’d packed some extra courage. In Monsters ++ from Spark Universe you can fight fire dragons, long-legged giant spiders, terrifying flying eyeballs (no, I am not making them up, yes, they haunt my nightmares now) and more! Play in Survival mode and see how long you can hold out against 250+ monsters, or take the fight to them in the deadly Monster Arena!

For more heart-flashing adventures this month, don’t miss Stranded in Space by Jigarbov Productions, Anime Villain Base by RareLoot and Hardcore: Lava Island World by Pickaxe Studios!


Papercraft Adventure by Jigarbov Productions

Speaking of Survival mode, have you ever wondered what a creeper would look like if it was paper-thin? Wonder no longer friend, because in the creative platforming adventure Papercraft, all your Overworld mobs have taken on a sticker-like look! Battle a wafery Wither, defeat paper-thin pillagers and tame a skinnier-than-normal steed as you traverse beaches, islands, castles, mansions and more in your hunt for Star Stickers. With over 50 quests that’ll require you to jump, fight and puzzle your way though, you’ll have hours of papery fun. Just be careful! Even though the creepers are narrower than normal, their explosions still pack a punch.

For more maps and texture packs that’ll completely change the look of your Overworld, don’t miss Cobble Clicker by Polymaps and PvP: Bold Vanilla by Tomhmagic Creations.


Bonus: Animal-filled adventures!

Perhaps our August round-up wasn’t quite as “eat chips and chill” as I promised you, but here’s a bonus! This month there are also five animal-themed adventures included in your subscription, so when all the jumping and fighting and puzzles gets too much, you can retreat to your very own Unicorn Island, discover a town filled with dogs in Dog Town, help some friendly mice get their cheese back in Mouse House, or unlock brand new cat varieties in Cat Pets! There’s also a lucky block adventure with an animal twist: Lucky Block Animals, where these furry friends will help you defeat the lucky block king!



If you want to get your hands on all this content and more, you’re going to need to subscribe to Realms Plus via your Minecrafting device! You and up to 10 of your friends can enjoy over 100 pieces of content on Minecraft Marketplace – including adventures, skin packs, worlds, mini-games, and much more. Not enough? We update it regularly, adding new content to the line-up every month. Since the catalog is always refreshing, some pieces will be moving out. But don’t worry! An in-game counter will let you know ahead of time, so nothing catches you off guard. Visit the  Realms Plus site for more information on how you can join the fun!

Phew! What perfect timing, I’ve nearly finished my chips. If anyone needs me, I’ll be trying to find my way around Cruise Ship Boat! Let me just check I’m playing on adventure mode because that skeleton does not look happy to see me…

Join me next month for the next Realms Plus round-up!

Sophie Austin
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Sophie Austin