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The latest maps, skins, and adventures from the Minecraft Marketplace!

I don’t know about you, but I am still dreamily drifting through summer. You know, all the seasonal stuff like reading books in the hammock. Trying to get out of the hammock. Failing to get out of the hammock. Ending up in a hammock cocoon. You can imagine my surprise that when I finally emerged, I was not only the opposite of a butterfly but also met with the news that Realms Plus is simply overflowing with new content! Marketplace does not take it easy just because it’s August. Au contraire, there are 17 new pieces of content waiting for you!

Cute Anime Teens by Team Visionary 

One thing that helps me get into a summer vibe, is looking the part. For this season, it’s almost a necessity if you find yourself in a warm climate. I love a scarf that is bigger than my entire person, but when the sun is doing its thing, the neck sweat just isn’t worth it. Thankfully, Team Visionary has 12 new summer skins (including two free skins!) so I can stay cool while also looking cool. 

For more new skins, check out Dreams & Nightmares by Cubecraft Games which allows you to transform into your wildest dream or scariest nightmare, and Rainbow Craft by Goe-Craft which comes with 12 cheerful skins and a slew of bright blocks and mobs! 

Bottle Skyblock by Lifeboat 

Have you ever looked at a biome and thought to yourself “I wish this area could fit into a clear receptacle of some kind”. Well, Lifeboat have finally solved this age-old problem by putting biomes into bottles! You can either stay within the confines of the bottle and survive with limited resources, or break out of the bottle and expand into multiple biomes! This skyblock challenge includes 20 Overworld bottles, 10 Nether bottles, 10 different biomes, and lots of animals! 

Keep bending the boundaries of time and space by becoming a mouse in Escape the Cat by Cubecraft Games, explore the inner workings of blocks in Extreme Survival: Megablocks by Razzleberries, or lose your third dimension in 2D Parkour by Pixelcraft!   

Play: City Mall by Jigarbov Productions 

There’s just something special about loitering hanging out in a mall. Maybe it’s the sticky floors, the abundance of snacks on sticks, or the pure magic of escalators. There’s just so much to do! From people watching to playing arcade games to shopping cart races, the list of activities goes on! And in Jigarbov Productions’ case, the list also includes a theme park and dinosaurs. All the classic mall staples. 

Not done shopping? No problem! Head over to the Luxury Car Dealership by Octovon for 12 custom cars and 15 custom skins. Not done with dinosaurs? Surprisingly, no problem there either! Destructobot vs. Dinosaurs by Noxcrew have three gamemodes, collectibles, and a dinosaur army for you to defeat! 

Pirate’s Fortune by The Hive 

In my former life as a pirate, I was mainly focused on bedazzling my eye-patch. Now that The Hive have provided this open world adventure, I get a second chance at the pirate’s life. Will it be for me? I’ll see. Or should I say… Eye’ll sea?! That, dear reader, is what we in the biz call a twofer pun and yes, they are considered criminally bad. Especially when rhymed. What can I say? After discovering over 100 treasure chests, playing with 18 custom mobs, trying on all 12 skins, and defeating 4 bosses, I am officially a pirate and they pay no mind to your wordsmith laws!

Don’t dock your boat yet, you can also sail by Summer Holiday Island by Podcrash for a ferris wheel ride, make a furry friend in Panda Paradise by Inpixel, or speed up for a Tropical Boat Race by Octovon!   

Sapphire City by Impulse 

Sometimes you just want to get away from the hustle and bustle of your everyday life and take some time in a remote location. You have a lot of choices for this, but when you consider the calming effect of endless sand, there’s only one place to go. The middle of a desert. If this is a little too calming, you’re in luck because deep inside this particular desert, lies Sapphire City. You might want to bring a friend or two, as there is a lot to do in this enormous survival spawn. Chests to uncover, builds to explore, sand to vibe with. Pack plenty of supplies, you’re going to need them! 

If you want to keep surviving in the desert, try to find the hidden treasure in Home Tree by Dragonz, or if you just want to keep surviving regardless of environment see if you can explore all the rooms in Ruby Castle by Builders Horizon


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Sofia Dankis