New content coming to Realms Plus in April 2022

Realms Plus: April

Sky chunks, zombies, minecarts and more!

As we’re in the fourth month of the year, I thought I should go forth and challenge myself to some new things this April! Perhaps I’ll try and connect my tundra base to my revitalized village via a rollercoaster? Maybe I’ll attempt to build my first Nether portal? Or I’ll spend the month taking on some of the challenges from the 19 new pieces of Realms Plus content!

ZOMBIES by Spark Universe

There are few things in life I’m more scared of than zombies (except perhaps digging straight down). They’re undead, they groan, and they never invite you for tea, but given my self-imposed month of challenges, I figured I should at least try. In this terrifyingly expansive map from Spark Universe, you need to defend the city from hordes of zombies that’ll shuffle, jump, and even jet-pack towards you. Grab your chainsaw (and your friends) and get ready for epic zombie-boss fights, cool cutscenes and more! You’ll need a great strategy to see you through, so let’s hope it’s better than mine: closing my eyes and screaming.

If that’s not enough of a challenge for you, then don’t miss Mega Maze Challenge by G2Crafted, where you’ll spawn in the center of a sprawling maze and collect gold ingots to unlock the exit!


Skyblock One Chunk by Nitric Concepts

As a person for whom “careful” and “mining” don’t typically go together, this next challenge is going to be a tough one! In Skyblock One Chunk by Nitric Concepts, the goal is to survive on a single chunk of sky. If you’ve not played a skyblock chunk challenge before, the rules are simple. You can go up and down, but you’re restricted to the width of your sky chunk. This means you have to be careful (and creative!) when it comes to mining down and collecting all the resources you need to survive, which means my typical method of spotting something shiny and mining with abandon could see me tumbling from quite a height. But it’s April, and like my editor says: it’s too late for me to back out of challenge month now!  

Perhaps it’ll help if I don the Chicken Costume skin from Among Guys by CanadaWebDeveloper (chickens can fly, right?) or maybe a space explorer outfit from The Lucky Petals would work? More skin packs this month include: Hoodie Teens from NovaEGG, Googly Eggs by Wandering Wizards, and Spring Floral Fashion by Waypoint Studios.


One Block Challenge by Razzleberries

If the prospect of surviving on a chunk sounded tough, then how about a single block? One single, mineable block that you’re standing on. As someone that’s been burned by digging straight down one too many times (literally. Lava is hot) I spent a few clammy moments on the phone to my editor (“challenge month is supposed to be challenging, Sophie!”) before closing my eyes and mining. Luckily I discovered that in One Block Challenge by Razzleberries, every time you break the block beneath you, a new one appears! You can stumble upon chests, valuable resources, rare mobs, and more! As you keep mining, rarer blocks will appear, and you’ll eventually be able to expand your tiny mining platform into a bustling homestead, or even your own sky kingdom! Of course, you can still fall off and you can only build with what you find, so it’s still a very tricky challenge, but I believe in you.

For more one-block fun, don’t miss Skyblock: Giant Lucky Block by Pickaxe Studios or become the block with this Deepslate Agents skin pack from KA Studios


Advanced Dragons 2 by Pixelbiester

I’ve always thought that dragons are misunderstood. Sure, they’re scaly and they breathe fire, but I think at heart they’re just like indoor cats: always looking for that next patch of sunshine, and really quite cranky when they’re hungry. Your challenge in Advanced Dragons 2 by Pixelbiester is to hatch, raise, and tame your own dragon as you venture into epic dungeons and battle dangerous orcs! Explore this expansive medieval world, trade merchants for rare dragon eggs, and hum along to an entire music track (sorry neighbours). With over 20 species to choose from, plus thousands of color, armor, and saddle variations your dragon will be uniquely yours! Once you’ve tamed it, it’ll be ready to fight at your side (which sure makes surviving easier)!

For more scaly friends, you can also bring dinosaurs back to life this month in Dinosaur Dig by Everbloom Games


Ultimate Hill Base by Glowfischdesigns

If your first ever Survival home consisted of a few dirt blocks and a single torch, then you’re not alone. Wouldn’t it be great if you could spawn into a world with an expansive base already built into a hill for you? With underground farms, nooks to explore, chests with loot, a set of armor, and a minecart that takes you on an awesome loop of the entire base? Well don’t tell my editor, but in Ultimate Hill Base by Glowfischdesigns while you do have to survive, I think the main challenge is discovering all the incredible aspects of this build! There are secret challenges for you to uncover, villages to explore, nights to survive, and more! Did I spend an hour riding the mine cart back and forth to admire the view? Yes I did. Do I regret it? No, I do not.

To continue the exploration theme, don’t miss Knight School by Everbloom Games, where you’ll explore dungeons, fight a dragon, go treasure hunting and more!


Penguins, Hackers and more!

Your final challenge, set by my editor me, is for you to max out your avatar’s cute-o-meter. Because what’s cuter than riding a flying unicorn? Why, a penguin riding a flying unicorn of course! In this adorable skin pack by Waypoint Studios, you can become a penguin, a penguin in a dragon onesie, a penguin wearing a winter jumper, even a penguin ready to fly to outer space! I think I’m going to don “Frozen Biddy” skin because that’s how I’ve spent most of my winter here in Sweden, so it feels appropriate. 

This month in Realms Plus you can also dress as a hacker thanks to HACKERS by Pickaxe Studios or as an anime character with Anime Teens! By KA Studios! 


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Now, if you’ll excuse me, I think it’s time for me to challenge myself to take another ride around my hilltop survival base. Whee!

Sophie Austin
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Sophie Austin