Realms Plus: September

The latest maps, skins, and adventures from the Minecraft Marketplace!

September is finally here, and what better way to celebrate it than to partake in REALMTEMBER: a brand new Minecraft holiday that I totally didn’t invent for the sake of coming up with an intro! Forget MerMay or Inktober – celebrate Realmtember by diving straight into the five new items that are now available in our latest Realms Plus batch. Not a fan of the name? Awww fiiine, I’ll work on it!

If you’re a subscriber to Realms Plus, that means that you and up to ten friends can enjoy over 100 pieces of content on Minecraft Marketplace. That includes adventures, skin packs, worlds, mini-games, and much more. Every month we add new content to the line-up, and Realmtem, er, September is no exception! Let’s dig in!

Hattoricraft by Cyber Marlin

When I was but a wee lad, I wanted to become a ninja, leaping from roof to roof. But due to the lack of ninja schools in my area, I became a real estate agent instead, just like Barbara the Nether lady. No one could sell dirt block houses like her!

Hattoricraft allows me to relive my childhood dream by changing my Minecraft world into a feudal society. Its ninja and samurai themed textures transform both mobs and items, including the ones from the Nether Update. Perfect if you want to roam the countryside in your best shinobi suit in search of worthy adversaries!

Minewood Roleplay by Impulse

Who doesn’t love a good roleplay adventure? Minewood City, the home of the rich and the famous, is full of it! The cerulean city has everything from vehicles and custom models, to terrific textures and tunes. 

There’s also plenty of jobs for you to use in your own story: actor, director, fireman, cop, or even robber (car chases are my favorite)! Minewood is where the action is, and if you can make it here, you’ll make it anywhere!

Skyblock by Razzleberries

Skyblock is a classic Minecraft survival game and I happen to be somewhat of an expert at it: expert at getting knocked off my perfectly constructed block bridge and fall to certain doom. Don’t fret, I’m happy with my Skyblock lot in life; someone has to take the fall so that others may succeed.

Razzleberries map comes with the classic mode, as well as six unlockable themed levels! Explore it, and you’ll gain access to Desert, Snow, Mesa, Nether, Steampunk, and Rainbow Skyblock worlds. Do you have what it takes to survive?

Groovy Sheep by Scai Quest

Groovy Sheep is exactly what its name suggests: a collection of sheep themed skins in various colors and styles – all to support your groovy lifestyle. I can’t even spell “groovy”, let alone “lifestyle”, which is why I feel so grateful for Scai Quest’s wardrobe of vests, bell bottoms, and leisure suits. Then don Ocean, Moon, Raven, or one of the other 9 skins available in this fashionable and fluffy skin pack.

Colorpop HD by Cupcakebrianna

Want a pop of color in your everyday casual wear? Look no further! Colorpop HD is a skin pack that fits like a glove for all you colorful clothing connoisseurs. Not just clothing – Cupcakebrianna has also brought a powerful hair palette to all their characters. Comes with a whopping 20 skins!

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Per Landin