Realms Plus: June

The latest maps, skins, and adventures from the Minecraft Marketplace!

Like clockwork, a well-oiled machine – even a boss if you will – Realms Plus arrives on time and with a fresh new bundle of content. I’m neither a well-oiled machine nor a boss – but I do own a clock, which isn't just telling me the time, but also telling me it’s time to explore buzzy kingdoms, old empires, valleys, and islands – all while wearing a classy skin from your era of choice. Let’s find out what June has to offer!

Bee Kingdom (Inpixel)

“Bees? Why does it always have to be bees?!” you might ask. and after the beepunocalpyse two years ago, who could blame you? I understand you want to blast those stingy, yet precious puns to kingdom come, but, since bees are the most precious thing nature has to offer, might I suggest you visit inPixel’s Bee Kingdom instead? Trade with its citizens, travel the far-away lands on your very own (and might I say majestic) butterfly, and bee the bee’s knees!

Classic People (Mine-North)

Everyone loves a classic, and what can be more vintage than a good ol’ rugged hoodie? Do I say that because I own nothing but 15-year-old hoodies, or because Mine-North's “Classic People” has a wide collection of cool outfits that will make your friends wish they were born in the 80s? Don’t worry, if roleplaying 30+ editors isn’t your thing, there’s plenty of other outfits to choose from

Roman Empire (Mine-North)

Have you ever asked yourself how you’d look in a Roman toga? A pair of caligae? How about a good old centurion muscle cuirass? First of all, I’m convinced you’d wear them all in style! Second, why not just try it in Mine-Norths “Roman Empire”? Choose between 30 skins based on the era when the Romans were at the peak of their power: from gladiators and soldiers to merchants and Julius Caesar himself!

Skyblock Lucky Block (Diluvian)

If history has taught us anything (terrible teacher, that history), it is that Minecrafters won’t ever grow tired of their skyblock and lucky block maps. History didn’t teach me anything when I went to school, but even a blockhead like me can appreciate the genius in merging these two map concepts into an exciting, hair-raising competition of survival. Do you love surprises? Do you love the blue sky? Well, win-win, dear reader! Now you can discover your surprises in the sky! Take that, history.

Tiki Island (Oreville Studios)

Summer is just around the corner, and what better way to spend it than on an island filled with mysterious creatures, atmospheric music, and friendly NPCs? Sure, the island's big bad bosses and dark secrets make Fyre Festival look like a success, but “Tiki Island” is in danger (and so am I if I don’t wrap up this article soon)! Summer is about adventure anyway, so battle foes and help save the day! The inhabitants of the island are depending on you!

Viking Valley (Builders Horizon)

I’ve recently been binge-watching HBO’s Vikings, and just when I thought I was out, these bloodthirsty vikings pull me back in! Luckily, there's more to Builders Horizon’s Norse adventure than just bloodthirsty Scandinavians! In the cursed lands of Viking Valley, you get to explore scattered ruins, ancient tombs, mysterious dungeons, and fight two custom bosses! And if that sounds. Not enough raiding? Try one of the five viking themed skins and roleplay it yourself! 


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