Realms Plus: July

A surprisingly celebratory monthly Realms update!

I hope you’ve put on a pair of extra thick reading glasses, dear reader, because this month’s Realms Plus update is like nothing you’ve ever seen before! Or is it? Actually, I’m not sure what you’ve seen before. Remind me to ask you about it the next time we have a chat! 

On top of the plethora of new content added to this month’s catalogue, Realms players are in for an exciting update. For starters, we’re releasing an exclusive Realms Celebration Map, in which you can Celebrate with friends, play mini-games like pig races and skeleton archery – and even fight the Ender Dragon itself! The map is available to both Realms and Realms Plus subscribers! 

In addition, we’re also making several tweaks to the Realms interface. Bedrock Realms and Realms Plus players will now have three save slots to flip between, instead of having to save, download, pick a new world, and upload it. In short: a more convenient system! If you're curious to learn more, head over to our tutorial site to dig into the details!

Summer is looking hot, and we haven’t even gotten to the new maps yet. Do you still have those reading glasses around? Excellent, let’s review what July has to offer! 

Ant Farm (Snail Studios)

If you think your Mondays are rough, you haven’t yet experienced the plot of Snail Studios’ “Ant Farm”. The world has suddenly shrunken down, and you with it! As you find yourself caught in a now giant ant farm, you must make the most of it to thrive in your new environment. Does that mean performing typical ant chores all day? Well sure, if by ant chores you mean adventure, then yes! This map comes with four dungeons to explore, a handful of custom villagers to trade with, as well as five unique skins! 

Block Teens (Fall Studios)

What block in Minecraft do you really identify with? My friends tell me I’m a dirt block because of my “charming personality”. Thanks friends, who knew dirt blocks could be charming? At the same time, I can’t help but to feel like a TNT block whenever I accidentally fall into lava while mining for diamonds, or stare right into the cold eyes of an Enderman. Regardless of your mood, these block-themed skins allow you to not only to showcase your personality, but also blend in with your surroundings when needed! Comes with a whopping ten different skins. 

KPOP Lookbook: Lily & Mike (Humblebright Studio)

Nothing says style, attitude, and choreographed dancing routines like k-pop, and if it wasn’t for my complete lack of talent constant lack of luck, I would’ve been a k-pop idol in no time!  No reason to cry over spilt milk though, because if you can’t become one yourself, you can always roleplay one! Dress up as Lily or Mike in one of their 20 different k-pop-inspired outfits. 

Red VS Blue Teen Skins (MobBlocks)

MobBlocks “Red VS Blue Teen Skins” has a simple yet interesting idea: pick between two factions, one red and one blue. If you’re an indecisive decision-maker like me who trembles over the slightest possible choice, don't worry: it's the perfect skin pack for any team-based activity! So why pick chaos over order? Wait, that’s a choice, never mind! And if you still can’t pick and want to play it safe, there’s always a more neutral bonus skin to use. 


Eager to dive headfirst into more than just one of these maps? By subscribing to Realms Plus, you and up to ten friends can enjoy over 100 pieces of content on Minecraft Marketplace. Not enough? Don’t worry! We update and rotate maps regularly, adding new content to the line-up – every month. Visit our Realms Plus site for more information on how you can join the fun! 

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Per Landin