Pride 2021: Thank You for this year

What a celebration it’s been!

The time has come to wrap up our official Pride celebration for this year. By official, I mean we’ve reached the end of our specially scheduled programming. For the past ten weeks, our various channels have lifted the LGBTQIA+ community in different ways. I hope you were inspired by our aspirational home, enjoyed the fabulous fashion show of community-created skins, took a moment to read the personal stories from some of our colleagues, and spotted all the differences under our blocky rainbow. But just because our party is winding down, doesn’t mean that the festivities end there. Every day that you are you is a celebration in itself. 

Our Stockholm studio celebrates Pride in the end of August, and for the past couple of years we have had the great fortune of attending events thrown by our very own professional party planner and actual angel Joel. He has organized so many magical events for us over the years, both live and digital. While he refused to reveal any secret tricks of the trade or why his hair always looks perfect, he did take a minute to talk to me about the importance of celebrating Pride.

It is such a joy to celebrate pride; doing something important at the same time as you are having such a great time! To me that’s one of the things that make Pride so special – it's the combination of the celebration, the glitter, bright colors and joyful music and dance and the more serious note – with which we emphasize everyone's right to fully be themselves, express their love and show PRIDE!  
I am so proud of Mojang Studios where we bring our Pride-game every year. We come together whether rain or shine, digitally or in-person. To me, that’s a great example of building a better world through the power of play! 


I want all of you to know how special this Pride has been for me and my colleagues. Minecraft is a game about blocks, sure, but it’s also a game about freedom. You can do whatever you want, but you can also be whoever you want! Maybe the rest of the world is still catching up to sentiment, but with each Pride celebration we make a little more progress. Until next year, stay proud but don’t forget that just because you’re perfect doesn’t mean that you should dig straight down. 

Sofia Dankis
Written By
Sofia Dankis