Pride 2021: Community Skins

Calling all creators!

I hope you’re all enjoying our summer-long Pride celebration as much as I am! There’s only one thing that has been irking me. I can’t seem to put together the perfect Pride outfit. No matter what I try on, it just doesn’t feel quite right. I’ve made the executive decision to solve this like I would any conundrum. By asking someone else to do it! 

By someone, I mean you! We want to see your customized, tailor-made, Pride-themed skins. So think of how you want to express yourself, create it, and then submit it! In August, we’re going to post our favorites here on, so remember to include your gamer tag or username so you can take full credit for your creation. 

Want to submit a skin? Send an email to! The theme is PRIDE and we cannot wait to see what you come up with. Now, get creating. My wardrobe, uh… I mean inbox, isn’t going to fill itself! 

Written By
Sofia Dankis