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Play Dungeons for free on PS+

Download it free in March and keep it forever!

Are you an owner of a PlayStation? A fan of the month of March? A connoisseur of blocky video games with a subtle hint of pixel in them? Then I'm sure you’ll be delighted, maybe even ecstatic, to learn that between March 7 and April 3, members of PlayStation Plus will be able to both play (and keep!) Minecraft Dungeons for free.  

Take on the Arch-Illager and his army once more – or for the first time! Battle waves of iconic mobs, embark on treasure-stuffed missions, and collect legendary items. And if that isn’t enough, players can also download their own permanent copy*.

You see, this month, Minecraft Dungeons is part of the honorable March edition of PlayStation Plus Monthly Games. This means that Mojang Studios’ blocky dungeon crawler will be free to play throughout the month on both PlayStation 4 and 5. What’s even better is that if you download Minecraft Dungeons during this time, you’ll get to keep it forever. Yes, you heard it correctly, heroes – forever – just like the large creamy cake I conveniently stole borrowed for eternity after I found it all alone in the Dungeons team’s kitchen. Important to know, however, is that those who do not download the game during this period won't be able to retroactively redeem Minecraft Dungeons and get it for free.

In addition, there will also be special deals on all Dungeons DLC and Season Adventure Passes throughout the month, with up to 33% off select content, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled on PlayStation Plus for more information!

Great adventures await – and you can experience them all in this month’s edition of PlayStation Plus's Monthly Games.


*Access to Minecraft Dungeons depends on PlayStation Plus subscription. Once a subscription expires or is canceled, you're no longer able to access any content downloaded as part of monthly PlayStation Plus games, until the subscription is renewed.

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Per Landin

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