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The kay art for the Planet Earth III DLC. It's divided in two parts; the top half shows an impala and two oxen. The lower half shows a shark and a seal swimming underwater.

Planet Earth III: Perspectives

Experience survival as predator and prey!

If your first instinct whenever you see a baby turtle is to protect it from the Overworld’s predators, I get you. Nature can seem brutal to our modern human sensibilities. But have you ever considered what it’s like to be a hungry ocelot or a wolf? For your survival to depend on your ability to hunt? I get overwhelmed the second I step foot inside a supermarket, so I can’t even imagine! 

In the new Planet Earth III DLC, available now for Minecraft Education and on Minecraft Marketplace for free, you get to experience both sides! Explore the intertwined lives of animals from an empathetic point of view in an adventure based on the groundbreaking docuseries from the BBC's Natural History Unit, Planet Earth III. In this world created by Minecraft community creators Shapescape, embody a variety of animals and experience the struggle and triumph of survival as both predator and prey, from the fur seal to the African leopard and the bee. 

Ready to charge through the tundra as a musk ox? Or leap from the treetops as a hungry leopard? Let's begin our first adventure... 

Tides of Change 

In this predator vs. prey scenario set on the South African coastline, you can play as either a fur seal or a great white shark. As the former, you must stay well fed all while navigating the rocky cliffs and trying to steer clear of the predator that’s on your tail. As the latter, your goal is to… well, chomp down on your prey.

Arctic Adversaries

As you’re transported to the Canadian tundra in spring, you can either play as an arctic wolf or a musk ox. The wolf, armed with its keen scent and vision, must hunt an ox to regain its strength and feed its pack after a brutal winter that has left it desperate for sustenance. In turn, the ox must defend the young calves from the wolves’ relentless attacks using its sharp horns. 

Protective Papa 

In the Okavango Delta, a lily-trotter and its baby chicks are trying to traverse the flood water without alerting the patrolling crocodiles. As the father, your role is to keep an eye on both your chicks and potential predators to protect your offspring. As one of the chicks, you need to stay alert and follow your father’s signals regarding which path to take and when to stay still to avoid detection. 

Treetop Huntress 

Stalk from above or watch out from below as you take on the role of the hungry leopardess or the spry impala in the grassy African savanna. In this activity, both animals must feed themselves, with similar objectives that put them at odds. As the leopardess, you must traverse the treetop carefully and avoid detection to ultimately pounce on your unsuspecting prey. As the impala, you must eat the flowers that fall from the tree while avoiding the predator that may pounce at any moment from above. Either way, bon appétit!

Unlikely Allies 

As its name suggests, in this activity you travel to the Amazon rainforest to take on the roles of two insects whose lives are surprisingly intertwined: the tree hopper and the stingless bee. The tree hopper’s goal is to nurture its nymphs to full maturity by helping them feed and protecting them from predators like ants and assassin bugs by calling on their buzzing allies. As the bee, you must answer the distress calls of the tree hoppers and swoop in to fend off their attackers.

The Field Station 

The BBC Planet Earth Field Station is your central hub, located in a lush jungle. From here, you can select which biome you want to play in, see what animals live there, and choose from a series of activities. For each completed activity, you’ll receive a reward to decorate the Field Station Hub, like in-game trophies, clothing items, and more. The central hub is also where you can keep track of all the activities you’ve completed, play with sound boards, replay activities, rewatch cinematics, and learn more about the amazing animals featured in Planet Earth III. 

Eager to experience life through these fascinating animals’ eyes? Planet Earth III DLC is available now and completely free in Minecraft Education and on Minecraft Marketplace for Bedrock Edition. And while you’re grabbing the DLC, get the fin-tastic Great White Shark Character Creator item for your Dressing Room, also available now for free. Just make sure you don’t get too in-character and save the chomping for the DLC! 

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