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Pirates of the Caribbean Mash-Up Pack out today!


A parrot on the shoulder? A hook for a hand? A peg leg?! Let's face it – dressing up as a pirate in real life is way too much effort and costs way too many limbs. I'm not so keen on finding out what happens when a parrot I'm keeping on my shoulder suddenly needs the bathroom either.

Luckily, you can keep all your hands and legs (you're welcome!) when you dress up as a pirate in Minecraft with the new Pirates of the Caribbean Mash-Up pack! Who better to explore the shipwrecks of Minecraft's oceans with than Captain Jack Sparrow, Blackbeard, Davy Jones and over forty (count 'em!) skins from all five movies?

It'll be available today in Minecraft on all platforms that have the Minecraft Marketplace. Get it, or we'll make you walk the pla- sound of writer being sealed in Davy Jones locker and booted into the ocean. We don't allow tired pirate cliches like that on's waters, boy. Y'arr!

Tom Stone
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Tom Stone

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