Our Marketplace Picks: October 2018

What are our three favourite Marketplace items for the previous month?

Winter is coming! No, we’re not just saying that to drop overused lit memes in an article on the internet. Winter is in fact coming, and it’s starting to get FREEZING COLD here in Stockholm! One would think that we Swedes know how to deal with the cold at this point. We don’t. Lucky for us, it’s that time of the month where we get to warm our hearts with another lovely round of Marketplace Picks!

Another great way to stay warm is by pestering the fine folks on the content team. They review every map submitted to the Marketplace, and each month we heat ourselves up by asking for their HOT TAKES on the three favourite pieces of content released in the last month. For this October post, we’ve forced Oskar Thysell to cover all the amazing content that has been released.

Without further ado, here are Oskar’s favourite Marketplace adventures from October!

House of Screams

by House of How

House of Screams. Now, that doesn’t sound too tempting, does it? Nope! No one has ever returned from this haunted Halloween mansion, and for good reason! The place is full of dark ominous music, moaning zombies, and strange whispering spirits. Any sane person would stay home, but not you brave player. Oh no, you’re going in there! Outwit the traps, overcome your fears, and discover the fate that awaits you inside…

Oskar, you’re one of those rare cases that actually went inside and returned, what did you think?

I'm known by my friends as the person who is pretty unflappable when it comes to playing horror games. So we gear up, set the room, and really get into the mindset to have a scary experience. But when I'm just minding my own business, going through my everyday duties, I've now learned that I can be caught off guard. House of Screams did this for me, with its great use of atmosphere, sound, and small details that together create a very unsettling experience. It's both creepy and camp, which is the perfect combination for me to get that uncanny feeling under my skin. Oskar

Get House of Screams at your own risk, over at the Marketplace page.

City Stompers

by Imagiverse

Don’t you just hate when aliens from outer space descend down upon planet Earth, use their weird technology to grow you to the size of a skyscraper, then force you to destroy cities on live television? Yeah sure, it can be a hassle, but it can also be quite fun! Throw cars, crush objects with your hands or compete against your friends to see who can cause the most destruction.

Not convinced that destruction beats creation? Maybe Oskar can change your mind.

When I was but a wee lad, I had a passion for dinosaurs (a very unique enthusiasm I'm told). When the ‘Rampage’ came into my world – a game about giant monster lizards destroying cities – I knew where all of my free time would be allocated. City Stompers brings me back to my long forgotten follies, where pure, simple destruction was a noble pursuit. There’s even a Mama Rexanne, a maternal dinosaur boss that you have to compete with as you do your best to cause mayhem to human civilization. I’d rather not speculate in any official capacity whom she may be the mother to, I'll just say I have my suspicions. Oskar

Godzilla!!! Oh wait, wait – we’re not meant to be speculating. Er, up for some city-wrecking? Check out City Stompers on their Marketplace page.

Fun Foods

by Cyclone Designs

Some parents are just way to clueless when it comes to gaming and its amazing benefits. 'Fun Foods’ from Cyclone Designs is the ultimate remedy to that, showing them that games can be both educational and healthy. The secret is vegetables! Dress up as nutritious food like the broccoli, corn, or a carrot. I didn't know anything about vegetables until I started dressing up as a carrot. True story.

There's not much to say about this skin pack except that there's a pear with a worm going through it (the worm being the arms), a buttered steak where the arms are a fork and knife, and a screaming broccoli with a fork as the forehead. I'm a simple man, and these are the things that make me laugh. Oskar

Well most of us hate broccoli, but since it’s so healthy for you, you should give Fun Foods a try (broccoli is a delicious, wonderful, gorgeous green wonder and Minecraft.net is a strictly pro-broccoli website, Per. Consider this your final warning - Healthier Members of the Editorial Team). You can find it on this little Marketplace page.

As always, there’s tons of amazing content in the Marketplace! Have a browse of the Marketplace site to find your new favourite!

Written By
Per Landin