Our Marketplace Picks: March 2018

What are our three favourite Marketplace items this month?

Each week, we publish new and incredible creations on Minecraft’s Marketplace - each made by the talented members of our community. This month alone, 35 new maps, minigames and pixelated masterworks made their way online for you to download!

We can’t possibly cover them all here on Minecraft.net, so we’ve asked our expert and expeditious Content Team (who play and review each and every item on the store) to tell us their three top picks. And we’ll do this each month, selecting the absolute must-have maps, essential skins, and tip-top texture packs that our community make.

So what scored big with Mark, Moesh and Adam in this last month of March?

Build Your Own Castle

by Imagiverse

Building your own castle might sound like the kind of thing you do in Minecraft all the time, but Imagiverse’s map cleverly switches the focus away from block-by-block construction as you embark on quests to help Pops the magician conjure a magnificent township from the air.

You get to choose how it looks, picking from a trio styles, and collecting everything Pops needs to make the magic happen. And then marvel as the spectacular city sprawls from humble hovels to shining spires.

What did the Content Team have to say about it?

The ultimate mix of survival and cool builds. This project lets you appreciate your hard work in collecting resources with a sweet cutscene of the castle coming together. My favorite part was seeing the walls be built! Moesh

Some experts say that emojis are now so widespread, and their usage so subtle and sophisticated, that they should be officially embraced as a part of language, every bit as important as nouns and verbs. I wouldn’t hold your breath to see them detailed in the Oxford English Dictionary, but we are delighted to welcome them into Minecraft - and in playable form too!

Visula’s second skin pack on this theme expands the range of familiar faces for you to get yer mood on. There’s even a cheerful looking poop skin. (⊙_⊙)

What did the Content Team think?

Visula’s clever use of layers make this a stand-out skin pack! I love the Smirk skin for its saucy face and ripped jeans! Moesh
I like the idea that the world is being created in front of you while it’s being destroyed behind you; it gives a sense of urgency while you’re raiding the dungeon. Is all the gold in the world even worth it if you’re removed from existence? Marc Watson

You can download Don't Stop Running from Marketplace here.

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Written By
Marsh Davies