Our Marketplace Picks: June 2018

Our top three favourite Marketplace items from the previous month!

What a time to be alive! July has arrived, with all its wonderful qualities. Relaxing days at the beach! Crazy warm weather that melts your skin! Not to forget: unlimited amounts of pollen that have turned me into a sneezing mess. In other words: summer is great! It's also the perfect excuse to lock yourself inside your house and never come out again. Or at least play games until August.

Thanks to our amazing Minecraft community creators out there, we have everything you need to survive the summer heat! Together with our courageous content team, we've carefully selected a trio of games that will keep you cool as a cucumber for the rest of the month. Brought to you by Oskar and Adam, here's three crazy hot picks to check out from the Marketplace!

Dwarven Mining Company

by Gamemode One

If you're a fan of exploring vast underground worlds, full of precious ores, shiny loot, and high-tech machinery, then Dwarven Mining Company will be right up your alley! Journey through the Dwarven Kingdom in your quest for untold riches. But beware, you never know what you might encounter in the mines! No biggie though – just nasty goblins and gigantic molten beings!

The content team has some explosive feedback on the game:

This map has a humongous world where the experience is focused on everyone's favorite pastime: mining! I absolutely love throwing dynamite, which is both a really fun weapon to use and an easy way to blow yourself to smithereens! This is a top-notch piece of content that gives you loads of adventures to take part in. Oskar Thysell

Let's hope fortune awaits you in the end of that dynamite-detonated tunnel! Dwarven Mining Company can be found here!


by Everbloom Studios

Logic0 is a tricky puzzle game designed to teach you how to think like a programmer. With 50 levels to master, this map is a creative challenge for all ages and skill-levels. Let your imagination loose and fill out the “Instruction Board” using various commands to tell the Logic0 robot how to complete the puzzle!

What do you think, content team?

Now here's a brain buster for all the puzzle-hungry crafters out there! Placing instructional blocks in the right order to lead the tiny robot to the end of the level may sound easy at first, however don't let it fool you! Getting past all levels will require a fair bit of logic and reasoning, but at the end of it you might just have learned a brand new set of skills! Adam Martinsson

Up for the challenge like Adam? Willing to work those brain muscles? Say no more! Logic0 can be located here.

Dragon Rush

by Razzleberries

Dragon Rush is an action-packed minigame in which you fight for survival and avoid a particularly fierceful reptil. The dragon's roar echoes in the distance as it gets closer and closer. You need to get away and stay on your toes at all times! Run as fast as you can through a randomly generated course with roguelite elements to improve your skill set.

Who would've thought running could be fun? What do you think, content team?

Dragon Rush is an incredibly addictive minigame! Speed, lightning fast reflexes and reactions (and some powerups) will be your only way to avoid becoming part of some dragon's culinary endeavours! When you eventually succumb, you have a strategic choice where you can upgrade your powerups permanently to your liking. That is, if you haven't ran to press the start button again for just one more go. Oskar Thysell

If you're a big fan of constant running, spending quality time in a dragon's belly, or just up for an adrenaline-packed thrill, you can download Dragon Rush from here.

This, and much much more available now on the Marketplace!

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Per Landin