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Our Marketplace Picks: July 2018

Our top three favourite Marketplace items from the previous month!

The Minecraft Marketplace is a place full of creative content, created by members of the community for the community. Just this month, 26 new pieces of content were added, many with beachy themes and blazing hot games. Hooray for Summer! Also: please send me a fan!

Now, finding that perfect piece in a vast library of Marketplace content can be a tricky task. This is why the illustrious Content Team exists – a collection of brave people, dedicated to playing and reviewing each and every item in the store till the end of their days (they probably should've read their employment contracts more carefully). If you’re ever in need a summary, if no one else can help, and if you can find them… maybe you can read the content team’s reviews.

Together with Oskar Thysell and Matthew "Moesh" Dryden, we’ve gathered the most epic, unforgettable, essential, tip-top items! Here’s their favourites from the month of July!

Construction City

by Imagiverse

With great build power comes great responsibility... or does it? Build a city or smash it down in this sandbox roleplay world! Drive 8 unique vehicles with special abilities including a drill, excavator, paver and more. Reach new heights in the bucket truck or construct your home in the free build zone, the choice is yours!

This sandbox world lets you roll up your sleeves and engage in some good ol' fashioned manual labor! Construction and destruction is the name of the game and to help you out you have eight unique vehicles, several of which I sooo wish I could craft in my survival world. Amongst these is a paver that will let you paint the ground you travel on into asphalt, a bucket truck that lets you reach high places and of course drills and excavators that will let you level most of the city flat if that's your bag. Oskar

Got a craving for constructing? Construction City can be found by clicking this little line of text!

Zombie Apocalypse

by PixelHeads

The Zombie Apocalypse is here! Explore an overgrown apocalyptic city, overrun by horrifying cyborg zombies. To survive, you must scavenge for food and weapons, and fight off the zombies! Use speeding cars, bikes, laser guns and everything at your disposal to free the city!

Here is a map that just oozes with atmosphere! If the abandoned city you live in wasn't crowded with overly social (and new and improved!) zombies I think it could be quite cosy to find a top-floor apartment here to look out at the remains of society and reminisce about where it all went wrong. Or, you could just deal with the pesky vermin at hand with the vast array of technological improvements you have at your disposal to make the post-apocalyptic life bearable. If all else fails, jump in a fast car or bike and leave them in the dust! Oskar

If you want to experience surviving in a Zombie Apocalypse, check it out here.

Millionare Mansions

by NoxCrew

I made my way downtown. I walked fast. Buildy passed – I was homebound. I enjoyed building my mansion, but what's more? I loved putting down tables, chairs, and other cool bits of furniture, and rotating them into place. Being able to spawn and remove a build palette at will brought this map together... I know I could have ridden a limo, dirt bike, or a helicopter... but I drove a piano. I. Drove. A. Piano. Before I knew it, time passed me by. Moesh

If you're interested in trying out a jet set life, check out Millionare Mansions here.

This, and much much more available now on the Marketplace!

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Per Landin

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