Our Marketplace Picks: January 2019

Our three favourite pieces of content for the previous month!

A new year brings new possibilities! The Minecraft Marketplace has clearly taken that philosophy to heart, because during these past four weeks, we’ve seen tons of new community-created content added to our in-game store. Navigating through all this content can be a challenge, so it’s a good thing we have the perfect team for the job.

What team, you ask? The lovely, charismatic, polite and well-shaven members of the Minecraft Content Team of course! The content team review every map submitted to the Marketplace, and each month I beg them for their personal favourites from the past month. This time, we have Matthew Dryden, Oskar Thysell and Adam Martinsson giving you their personal recommendations.

Ready? Let’s go!

Cobble Clicker

by Polymaps

Cobble Clicker takes survival sky block mini-games to new heights, featuring unique mobs that mix things up, such as the glimmering ‘ore sheep’ or the stone-cold ‘cobblestone Creepers’. Start small on an island, then collect enough cobblestone to unlock rewards, and set up automated cobblestone crushers or mob grinders!

If you’re afraid of heights but still have that competitive drive in you, you might feel awfully conflicted about Cobble Clicker. Don’t be, because this map has got plenty of entertaining features for you to enjoy, either with friends or by yourself!

Matthew has had the pleasure of soaring high among these sky blocks:

Diamond Ore Sheep and Cobblestone Creepers are something I wish I could have thought of! I've played a ton of sky block maps. This mix of the "clicker" genre and sky block feels like a match made in clouds. (Get it? Do you get my joke? Ok, cool.) Matthew Dryden

Once you’ve finished laughing at Matthew’s brilliant joke, learn more about Cobble Clicker at the Marketplace page.

Deep Sea

by Monster Egg Studios

Are you just longing for an epic adventure under the sea, but lack a decent aquatic skin to wear? I hate it when that happens, but fear no more! With Deep Sea from Monster Egg Studios, you can explore the deep in style, thanks to a colourful skin pack that lets you blend in with the aquatic life. Swim amongst the creatures of the ocean or play hide and seek with your friends!

Our most experienced scuba diver (probably?), Adam has first-hand experience with this skin pack:

If you're like me and are terrified of deep sea creatures, there's only one solution to deal with it: become them! Much like the creatures they were modelled after, these skins are unique, a little bit cute, and slightly unnerving – which makes them perfect for sneaking up on your friends from the ocean floor. Watch out, Oskar! Adam Martinsson

Learn more about the ten skins by diving into Deep Sea’s Marketplace page.

Minewood Roleplay

by Impulse

Here at Mojang, we love big cities, and Impulse’s multiplayer roleplay map ‘Minewood City’ is no exception. It’s the home to the richest and most famous Minecrafters around, and the perfect place to become an actor, director or business owner. Not for you? Then become a villain instead!

Sound’s awesome! I would make the perfect villain, don’t you think, Oskar?

I don't know why, but I got this creepy feeling all of a sudden... er, where was I? Oh yes, life in the big city – will we ever get tired of it? Here comes another resounding "nope!". I get mixed feelings with maps like these. On one hand, it's beautiful and detailed, but on the other, I'm super-jealous of the houses which looks way better than what I can conjure up with a pile of cobblestone and random assorted blocks. Oskar Thysell

Well, I don’t feel jealous at all – because now I’m a villain, I can just steal any house I come upon in Minewood City! Hooray!

Learn more about Minewood City (and please don’t report me to the police) on the Marketplace page.

There’s tons of amazing content just waiting to be explored! Have a browse of the Minecraft Marketplace to find your new favourite!

Written By
Per Landin