Our Marketplace Picks: February 2018

What are our three favourite Marketplace items this month?

Just this last month, we put 36 pieces of content up on Marketplace - all made by our amazing community. In fact, we have so many pieces going up now that it’s actually impossible for us to cover them all on Minecraft.net - so be sure to check out the in-game store on a regular basis!

Instead, we’ve asked our intrepid and industrious Content Team (who play and review each and every item on the store) to tell us their three top picks. And we’ll do this each month, selecting the absolute must-have maps, essential skins, and tip-top texture packs that our community make.

So! What were the things that most amazed the Content Team in February?

Tiny Footprints

by Noxcrew

It’s rare we hear the argument that Minecraft has too many pixels - but this texture pack makes the best case for it yet, quartering the number of pixels per texture, and creating a world of bold, simple shapes and vibrant colours, and promising to “make your world feel bigger, even on the smallest of screens”.

The lower pixel-count makes the wide-eyed mobs even cuter, but, more impressive is the way that Noxcrew’s art wizards have used contrast and colour to make each texture so easily readable, despite having way less detail to play with.

Here’s what the Content Team had to say about it!

This pack has the biggest pixels I’ve seen in Minecraft. They’re at least twice the size of the default pixels. In all seriousness, this pack has vanilla flavour with a freakishly cute style of its own. The large, dark eyes on the mobs are my favorite part of this pack. Moesh

You can go grab the Tiny Footprints pack from Marketplace here.

Stranded in Space

by Jigarbov Productions

Bad news, Captain: your starship has been boarded by bipedal alien ponies. Oh, and it’s about to crash. There’s just enough time to swipe a few supplies, turn a few ponies into space lasagne, and dive into an escape pod.

But the interstellar peril doesn’t end there - you’ll have to traverse an alien world, scavenge scattered parts, mine for materials, rebuild and escape! And, while you’re doing all that you may find time to ride alien arachnids, zap baddies with lasers, zip about on space-buggies and spot the occasional UFO.

So! What did the Content Team think?

The coolest part of this map is gathering the parts needed to rebuild the ship to escape the planet! Watch the ship come together as you venture into the darkest, most dangerous parts of the this alien planet. Moesh

Go and get Stranded in Space from Marketplace here!

Ultimate Minigame Rush

by Pathway Studios

75 minigames in one map - is that a record? This challenge map sees 1-8 players compete to complete 10 minigames in the shortest amount of time. But which ten you’ll face changes each time, making this one of the most replayable multiplayer showdowns we’ve seen.

The challenges test all kinds of skills from rapid redstone engineering and speed-brewing to pixel-perfect parkour and brilliant bowmanship.

Here’s what the Content Team had to say about it!

We had a blast as we raced through the different minigames comparing wit, cunning and Minecraft skill in everything from mining to music puzzles to be the first to reach ten points, and claim victory. With 75 different minigames, there's sure to be something for everyone! Adam Martinsson

You can download Ultimate Minigame Rush from Marketplace here.

Don’t forget to check out all of the other amazing stuff on Marketplace, too!

Written By
Marsh Davies