Our Marketplace Picks: August 2018

Our four Marketplace highlights for the previous month!

The Minecraft Marketplace is our in-game store that’s full of great maps, worlds, texture packs and more! Every month we add more great community-created content. Then we ask the fine folks on our content team to tell us their three favourite new additions to the Minecraft Marketplace, so we can write this nice article that tells you all about them. It’s a good system! Everyone is happy! Hooray!

But this month they’ve ruined everything by recommending four pieces of content. FOUR?! According to my research, four is a bigger number than three. What is the meaning of this?!

Well according to Oskar Thysell of the content team, there was just too much great Marketplace fun this month for the team to limit their highlights down to three. Good news for the Marketplace, I guess, but I still don’t like change. If next month they give us five highlights, I’m resigning.

Anyway, here’s Oskar’s four favourite Marketplace happenings from August!

Papercraft Adventure

by Jigarbov

Paper-thin mobs have invaded the art school classroom! Clearly Jigarbov, the talented team behind this adventure, paid attention at art school, because their papercraft creations look fantastic! So fantastic in fact, that I almost feel bad about cutting them up with my diamond sword. Almost. With over 50 quests, this feast for the eyes is a (paper) cut above the rest.

Exploring the miniature worlds and the lore within and zipping back out to the desk, all under the guidance of the warm boom of Mr. Stickers' voice, brought me back to that dreamlike feeling I love in games. Even though it’s a small feature, I really liked that after you've done collecting all the stickers, you're let out of the classroom, where you discover the adventure you played took part in a regular Minecraft world. Oskar

There’s nothing quite like relaxing on the beach, gently snoozing to the soothing sounds of the ocean waves, only to remember that you’re supposed to be writing the Marketplace round-up post for Minecraft.net today. Drat!

Actually, in Razzleberries' latest adventure, you’re meant to be throwing a beach party for an entire village! Speak to nine colourful villagers with branching dialogue options in a beautiful town that changes appearance every day. Can you find all the secrets and throw the best beach party of the summer? More importantly, can I come? Pleeeeease? I’ll bring meat!

Having a nice beach party with quirky and colourful characters – this is what I'm all about. Naturally I got really obsessed with trying to get everyone to attend and achieving that perfect score. My favourite feature, however, is the one that is quite a spoiler – [SPOILER WARNING – SERIOUSLY, STOP READING IF YOU WANT YOUR BEACH PARTY TO BE A SUPRISE PARTY] a hidden sub-game which contrasts the sunny feel-good atmosphere with a shadowy, timeless version of the village where you can hear the character's exposed fears and anxieties. Oskar

A fast-paced heart-pounding action mini-game! In Last Stand, you have to survive hordes of mobs in ten arenas, either alone (argggh!) or with friends (slightly quieter argggh!). Or why not control the mobs yourself as the “Mob Master”, inflicting misery on others in the delightfully evil sounding versus mode?

You’ll have up to 25 special weapons and traps to use on your friends. MWUHAHAHAHAHAHA! BET YOU WISH YOU’D RSVP’D ‘YES’ TO MY BEACH PARTY NOW DON’T YOU???

I had to try this out all by my lonesome, but what I really want is to get together with a couple of Mojangsters and either play Mob Master against them, or be subjected to their trickery and deceit (and see their true colours). I had fun myself though! During one playthrough, I died just as the last second for the round ticked down, and that was the most satisfying game death I've had in a long time. The "Mob Master" mechanic is my favourite here, but sharp level design and combat with a varied class system is sometimes all you need. Oskar

Survive the horde (and your 'friends') by clicking this line of text to be taken to the Minecraft Marketplace.

Pam's HarvestCraft: Summer

by Pathway Studios

One of Minecraft’s biggest mods comes to the Marketplace! What is it about farming that makes for such addictive, compelling gameplay? Maybe it's just rewarding to live in a fantasy world where I can actually succesfully grow things? In real life, I can't grow a carrot without starting at least six fires : (

Eight crops have been replaced with brand new plants. Discover new craftable items, expand your farm and complete quests. Sell your crops, then trade with villagers in the nearby town – a survival game inspired by modded gameplay!

I was a big fan of Pam's HarvestCraft back in the day. My friends and I started a bakery/restaurant and would force visitors to stuff their faces repeatedly. This continuation of the mod on Marketplace doesn’t feature everything from the mod, but it has the same homely feeling, including a village populated with people prone to shelling out quests onto innocent bystanders. The toil and moil of the common farmer has never seemed so appealing! Oskar

If you long for the farming life, click this line of text to be taken to the Minecraft Marketplace.

There’s loads more great content in the Marketplace! Why not have a browse of the official Marketplace site?

Written By
Tom Stone