Our Marketplace Picks: April 2018

What are our three favourite Marketplace items this month?

April 2018 is DEAD – long live May! Actually, let's not bury April 2018 just yet, because it was another great month for the Minecraft Marketplace. We added a whole 19 new pieces in April, all made by our amazingly creative community!

Sadly, we can’t cover them all here on Minecraft.net. Luckily we’re blessed with a talented trio of experts who play and review each and every item on the store – our expeditious and illustrious Content Team. Every month these three connoisseurs select the crème de la crème of mandatory maps, stylish skins, and pixel perfect texture packs.

So without further ado, here’s Marc, Moesh and Adam, once again ready to share what floated their boats this past month – their top three picks from April!


by Syclone Studios

This resource pack gives your game a medieval makeover - perfect for builders who want a slightly grittier look when they're living out their ye olde fantasies! Mobs, blocks and items all have their own unique and highly detailed new visual style.

The content team couldn’t agree more!

Rich textures and details added with a cartoonish twist make the Chroma Hills resource pack a good addition to almost any Minecraft experience by adding an old-school, RPG-feel. Perfect for going on adventures! Adam Martinsson

Experience your own fantasy themed adventure and get Chroma Hills HD here!

Space Glide

by InPvP

Are you an elytra champion in disguise? Can’t get enough of all that glorious gliding in the Overworld? Then it’s time to take that talent to the next level and compete against the very best among the stars!

In Space Glide you put your elytra skills to the ultimate test through three epic levels of racing. Take a leap into outer space and fly through zero gravity (is that even possible!?) along a course filled with coins, spaceships and daring maneuvers.

As the Content Team have been racing day and night, they have a lot to say on the matter.

This well-designed elytra map made me feel like I was maneuvering through genuinely epic space scenes. My favorite part is dipping around the planets and into what looked like hyperspace. It took me a few tries, but I did find the secret trophy! Can you? MOESH

Join the space race today and get Space Glide from the Marketplace here!

Sushi Time

by 57Digital

Have you ever asked yourself the important question: “How would I look if I was turned into a piece of sushi”? Well, haven’t we all? Luckily, thanks to 57Digital, we can finally experience the dream and transform into our favourite mix of rice and fish!

Sushi Time offers a wide selection of both tasteful and colourful sushi skins. Are you a classic piece of sashimi, or perhaps a more temaki kind of soul? It doesn’t matter, since these happy-looking skins all come in one delicious pack!

This is what the Content Team think about it!

57Digital's skins have been some the most clever types of wearable food packaging I've ever seen. Sushi Time is probably the only time it's OK to play with, rather, play *as* your food! Moesh

You can download Sushi Time from the Marketplace here! Mojang takes no responsibility for any peckishness this pack may cause.

This, and much much more available now on the Marketplace!

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