Our Marketplace Picks: March-April 2020

Our four favourite Marketplace highlights from the previous months!

Yes, you read that correctly. This month we are bringing you four maps from the last two months instead of our regular three from the previous month! That’s right. Andreas, Oskar, and Sara from the content team went rogue and slipped a fourth map from the Minecraft Marketplace into the mix. Those crazy kids are out of control, just like the action in these maps!

Infinity Parkour

by Jigarbov Productions

Can you ever get enough parkour? Parkour-se not. Lucky for you, this map contains an infinite amount! Whether you’re an expert, beginner, or pre-beginner like me, this fully customizable map allows you to jump to your heart’s content through randomly generated parkour courses. Jump alone or with others in multiplayer and unlock secrets and trophy tracking as you go!

To infinity and beyond! Well, if you are good at parkour that is... But do not fret! This map is suitable for parkour pros as well as players like me, who are awful at parkour but want to improve. What makes the map really neat is that there are multiple difficulties and options to choose from, and as a result, you can tailor the parkour experience to match your skill level. In time, I will hopefully be able to beat Oskar (who we internally refer to as "The Parkour God").


I’ll be right back, I’m trying to figure out how I can get a “par for the course” in this article without another reprimand from Per. In the meantime, enjoy the map and let Per me know if you want to see more parkour puns on Minecraft.net! 

DestructoBot vs Dinosaurs

by Noxcrew

Take the DestructoBots out for another spin by saving the world from a dinosaur army! Protect the city with customized mechs, collected weapons, and power-ups in Boss Hunt mode or Free Roam. If you just want an endless stream of dinosaurs, and who doesn’t, you can even play the unlimited wave mode Last Stand!

DestructoBot vs Dinosaurs is like a dream come true to me. Who doesn't love robots? And let's be honest, who doesn't want access to an epic arsenal of weapons to fight off mean dinosaur armies who are trying to take over the world? There are a lot of different power-ups, weapons, and skins that let you customize your DestructoBot exactly as you wish! The combat feels super smooth and I really appreciated the story and how everything is presented. You never really know when a scary dinosaur will jump at you, but you ar–


It was nice knowing you, Andreas! See how long you can make it without becoming a dinosaur’s mid-morning snack here

Ninja Mash-up

by Everbloom


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a ninja, a shogun, or just a regular citizen in a 19th century Japanese city? Wonder no more thanks to this map that allows you to take flight over the rooftops with your trusty grappling hook. Fight waves of mobs in a race against time while enjoying the map’s details and unique models. You can even use the full texture pack in your own worlds!

Out of all the silly internet debates, pirates vs ninjas has to be the silliest. I mean c'mon people, ninjas have grappling hooks. Take Citizen Kane, a movie most people consider the greatest of all time. Add in some scenes of the titular newspaper magnate toting around a grappling hook, and you can replace that 'most' with 'all'. If you get a chance to see the extended art version of the Mona Lisa, it is revealed that the reason for her enigmatic smile is the exhilaration of being mid-flight from launching herself upwards with a grappling hook. Since Ninja Mash-up sports a really sweet grappling hook, I think all further prose is rendered moot. Uh, sorry Sofia? 


Apology NOT accepted, Oskar! Take this map for a spin while I plot my revenge, which is sure to be unnecessarily intricate and ineffective. 

Be a Superstar!

by Pixelbiester 


Whether you’re performing on stage or kicking it behind the scenes, this map will help you unleash your inner superstar! Fancy outfits, limousines, and red carpets are all part of your new life, so get ready to dazzle your audience. With 16 instruments, 24 skins, and 6 extra soundtracks you’re all set for stardom!

Gathering a group of friends and composing some music together using the variety of instruments available is the highlight of this map. Practice and perform them on a stage, record your jam session, and share your musical creations with the rest of the world! Or just see how big of a moshpit you can get going! 


While you join Sara in the moshpit, I am going to get back to rehearsing my acapella show. I don’t want to ruin it for you, but early audiences have called it “earth-shattering”. What’s that? They meant ear-shattering? That’s still a rave review, right? 

That’s all from me, but don’t worry – there are loads of maps and skins waiting for you in the Minecraft Marketplace!

Written By
Sofia Dankis