Our Marketplace Picks: March 2019

Our three favourite Marketplace highlights for the previous month!

The Minecraft Marketplace is your spawn point for creative content and home to new adventures, skins and mini-games. Last month, we saw 131 new releases added to the Marketplace – all community-created.

To mention them all here on Minecraft.net would be an impossible task, (mostly because Tom Stone and I are busy playing Sky Island maps) which is why we, as tradition, have forced the content team to do it given the honour to the content team. It’s their job to play and review each and every item on the Marketplace, and for March, Oskar Thysell will bring you the top three must-have maps from the past month. Let’s get to it!


by The Rage Craft Room

Got restless legs? Climbing the walls? Excellent! This game will take advantage of that and have you jumping with delight. Delirium is a challenging parkour adventure map where you work your way through 25 levels, filled with all sorts of tricky challenges and obstacles. Not familiar with parkour? No problem, Delirium will make you love it! Run, jump, bounce, mock your teammates, fight and navigate your way to the top. Whatever you do – don’t fall down.

Out of the content team, I'm pretty sure I'm the one most fond of parkour (everyone on the team except Moesh: “Yes”). I like my video games the way I like my coffee; incredibly difficult to the point it hits that sweet peak of frustration that just keeps you from chucking your monitor out the window, but gives that unrivalled satisfaction upon completion. So while I've been told I might have this coffee thing backwards, Delirium doubtlessly delivers. It doubles down in clever parkour design where you need to consider every block you see as a potential stepping stone in this (first and last time I'll use this adjective) epic, parkour journey. A word of warning though: their studio name is one of the most brutally honest we have on the Marketplace – step (and jump) lightly.


Brutally honest? Let’s see. “The Rage… craft… room”… oh no! Jump straight into the action by picking up Delirium at its Marketplace page.


by Cyclone Designs

Imagine a mysterious world inhabited by mechanical, prehistoric beings. These beings, better known as dinobots, can be both friendly and hostile, depending on the situation. Others just want to tear you to shreds, like the gigantic and utterly terrifying T-Rex robot. It falls upon you to defeat it by taming your desired dinosaur.

Question is, does Oskar love dinosaurs as much as he loves parkour, and does he like robots they way he likes his coffee? Or this just an unholy fusion between two of the most beloved genres pop culture has to offer? What say you, Oskar?

Dinosaurs and robots. Separate, they are enough for any cultured person of good taste to lose their marbles in excitement. Put the two together, and we may see a marble shortage of such magnitude that it'll bring forth the final economic collapse of modern society. My favorite thing is the different microchips you can use to bring the dinobots into your dinobot-posse. A PACK chip gives you a personal bodyguard and entourage member. A TAME chip makes the dinobot mountable so you ride into the sunset (or out), and the SERVICE chip makes the dinobot into a butler that does various odd jobs depending on the model. Ok, so this map has robots, dinos AND chips? Why am I writing this when I could be playing this map right now?


Very good question! Very good question! Install your CURIOUS chip and check out Jurassic Steel right here.

Crazy Town

by Everbloom Studios

Crazy Town is precisely what its name suggests – a crazy yet colourful town, full of unique characters that turns everything upside down. You play a postal worker (er, kind of), tasked with handling the everyday nonsense of 10 different animals found throughout the city. Besides delivering packages, you help these animals with all sorts of different requests. Being the kind soul that you are, why wouldn’t you help these wacky, human-clothed critters – all with their own distinct voices and personalities?

Everbloom’s adventure even brought Oskar to tears!

Sometimes we get maps where you really feel there is a lot of heart behind it. Here we have a gang of colorful characters you need to help as the towns 'delivery human'; they're all pretty wacky and vastly different from each other, but they mostly get along and accept you as weird as you may seem to them. Although the titular town is labelled as crazy, the characters are handled respectfully and are not being made fun of – they're just peculiar in their own ways which is perfectly fine. At the end of the game, where everybody gets together to celebrate, I was moved to tears. Tops three or four though. Let me keep my tough guy facade for a bit longer.


You can download this crazy experience from their very own Marketplace page.

The Minecraft Marketplace is full of maps and skins just waiting to be explored. Have a browse to find your new favourite!

Written By
Per Landin